This Is The Reason Why Cancer Feeds On Sugar

this is the reason why cancer feeds on sugarThis Is The Reason Why Cancer Feeds On Sugar And It’s Important To Understand In Terms Of Prevention.

This is the reason why cancer feeds on sugar explained in detail below, it’s not a myth. The most vulnerable part of our cells is what’s called the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the little organelles inside of a cell that takes glucose and oxygen and produces ATP. ATP is the energy currency in biological systems.

For example, if you want a certain pump to work on a cell membrane you may need 4 ATP a second or 35 ATP a second. It’s the currency of biological energy. The main factories for that are the mitochondria. The mitochondria are dispersed in plenty around the cell.

The mitochondria have oxygen so they are flammable metaphorically speaking. Just like someone who wears an oxygen mask and has been encouraged not to smoke a cigarette. What happens is oxygen produces oxidative by-products which are damaging and that’s why mitochondria are replaced so frequently. They are the only organelle in the cell that has their own DNA.

It does not rely on the DNA of the nucleus of the cell as it has its own DNA which we inherit from our mothers. Our longevity is based on our maternal history. However, no one even knows their own maternal history because our mothers are eating unhealthy and living an unnatural lifestyle. We don’t know how long they would have lived had they lived a natural lifestyle. I never take a family history as it is irrelevant.

If You Want To Restore And Maintain Health Then it’s Best To Avoid Cancer’s Number One Fuel – Sugar

The organelles are responsible for the production of energy. They allow the cell to do whatever it’s going to do. The mitochondria are vulnerable and if they are living in a sea of toxins, these would be the first to die off. If you lose a certain critical mass of mitochondria then the energy that is needed to maintain the metabolic functions of the body is lost.

So, what does the body do in this case? Well, it does what the body always does and starts doing a homeostatic dance to keep us alive. The homeostatic dance in the face of this situation is to go into fermentation or glycolysis. Glycolysis or fermentation is what our body does when it is unable to metabolize with oxygen.

To illustrate this point, let’s assume someone is not a regular runner and they go and run two blocks, and at the end of the two blocks, their thighs are on fire and aching. Why are their thighs on fire? Because they exceeded their aerobic capacity. In order to stay alive, their body went into glycolysis or anaerobic metabolism or fermentation which are all the same thing.

This Is The Reason Why Cancer Feeds On Sugar Explained In Detail In This Video

The by-product of fermentation is lactic acid. Lactic acid is what is causing the burning in the non-runners legs. So the runner stops and starts breathing out repeatedly which blows out carbon dioxide which balances out the lactic acid and PH.

Now, because the non-runners cells in their muscles still have plenty of mitochondria they go back to aerobic metabolism. With cancer, there are no mitochondria because they have been beaten up and so they stay in a chronic lactic acid production state and become chronically fermenting cells.

When a cell is getting its energy through fermentation and it’s not using oxygen, it no longer needs antioxidant enzymes and gets rid of them. However, cancer cells are nineteen times less efficient at producing energy than normal cells. In order to survive, they need nineteen times more fuel. That fuel is glucose and that is the reason why cancer feeds on sugar.

This is why pet scans are done. When a pet scan is done, radioactive glucose is injected into the body and the body is scanned to see where there is a rapid uptake of glucose. If the uptake of glucose is high enough then we can say that area is where there is some cancer.

Then you go to that same doctor and he says it doesn’t matter what you eat. The person asks, so it doesn’t matter what I eat, you mean I can eat sugar? And, the doctor says absolutely, no problem. Then why it is that the person had to come in fasting for this test and the doctor says don’t ask me these questions, I went to medical school.

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