The Value Of Getting A Third Opinion

The value of getting a third opinion

This Is Intended To Help Educate Individuals On The Value Of Getting A Third Opinion And Is Crucial For A Clear Point Of View When It Comes To Your Health.

Currently, we have all become aware of people going in to get second opinions. Nonetheless, in reality, they are not truly second opinions. They are really the first opinion given twice by two different doctors, hence the value of getting a third opinion.

If you go to an oncologist who has been trained by the conventional medical system they are going to give you the exact same opinion. They could vary slightly but usually not by much at all supplying the same basic treatment protocol.

It’s much like going to two completely separate Ford dealers; they are definitely not going to sell you a Dodge. I do not consider that as a second opinion nor should you.

Let’s say you visit John Hopkins, Sloane Kettering, as well as MD Anderson, and they all, state the exact same thing. What you got was not an initial opinion and two-second opinions; you actually were given three first opinions.

What I want to do is provide a 3rd opinion. Getting a third opinion is when we take a look at cancer from a totally unique perspective. This paradigm will not be utilizing the current medical industry version. The medical version sees people being a target of their genetics, claiming that DNA runs every little thing. And that health conditions and sickness are simply unlucky.

The clinical model positions things to where they have you think that your only answer is the big pharma, medications, and also medical physicians from the things you can not handle. This is the clinical version.

The Value Of Getting A Third Opinion Is Priceless

The model by nature to consider shows that our genes are in fact only blueprints and they are reacting to the atmosphere that they are part of inside the body. Genes are response systems; they are not the ones managing fate.

The medical industry model says health problems are “diseases” like in some way heart disease or cancer snuck into your body. They would view it as you just being unlucky. The model I adhere to is one that agrees with nature.

It’s one that says the reason why there is hypertension or cancer is the body is compensating to stay in balance or in a state of equilibrium. We should not be focusing on those countervailing conditions; we should be working to eliminate the reason that the body needs to do those things in the first place.

The health model I follow removes the myth of disease. It’s one where we understand that our bodies are one with nature. The reason the body has these issues such as hypertension is that we have violated natural law.

By returning to as well as living according to natural law, our body hums. This is the opposite of how the medical industry trains its doctors. They train them to be managers of disease which I discovered in medical school.  I don’t endorse that model, I promote health.

Where there is health, there is no disease. And remember this as it’s crucial, that which is needed to be restored to health, the very same is needed to maintain it.

We can help you and educate you so you are a full participant in restoring your health and more importantly maintaining it once it is restored.

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