the sun and moonWhat Is Our Relationship With The Sun And Moon?

The part of our lifestyle that we should have learned by the time we turned 18 is our relationship with the sun and moon. The sun and the moon are incredibly important to us and how we function. There are two types of creatures, nocturnal and diurnal.

Diurnal means that we awaken to the sun and we go to sleep as it sets. Our hormones are established based on being diurnal. When we live this way, we can get close to optimal functioning.

When we look at the science of these things, we know that when we got to sleep before 10:00 pm, the amount of melatonin we produce is far greater than going to bed later.  Going to bed at 8:00 pm is optimal.

Melatonin is made by the pineal gland and it does so many things in the body. Its most important function is establishing the sleep cycle for us. Melatonin starts the process of getting sleepy and the eyes start to close, etc.

In addition to helping the sleep cycle, it turns out that every melatonin molecule because of its configuration, can pick up four hydroxyl radicals. These hydroxyl radicals are by-products of all kinds of metabolic processes. Some of these metabolic processes occur naturally and some occur from the body fighting off toxins.

These hydroxyl radicals are potent and they accumulate. Throughout the day as we are engaged in our activities, we are accumulating many different metabolic waste products with the one big one being hydroxyl radicals.

The Sun And Moon And Us

If enough of these radicals accumulate then there is oxidative stress and chronic inflammation develops and that is what we need to stay away from. Getting proper rest and going to bed in line with the sun and moon, between 8-10 pm, and waking as the sun comes up goes a long way in keeping us healthy.

We all came into this world before computers and our best friend was our imagination. We could pick up a stick and that stick could be anything we wanted it to be. These days, it’s almost impossible to have an imagination.

The children aren’t allowed to have an imagination now as all these video games have all the options preset for them. They have to function within those options and they have to learn to think that way. In today’s society, children are being raised more by machines than by humans.

Our children are the first generation to interact with machines more than they do with humans. This has become “the norm” in our society.

We are land mammal primates and our food is the plant kingdom which includes, plants, fruits, nuts, seeds, roots, etc. The most important part to learn about eating is we don’t have to eat that much to function normally. The less you eat, the longer you will live and the happier you will be.

It turns out, it is best to eat one meal a day and have some fresh juices around that one meal. Just as important as optimal eating is elimination. We should all know that we need to eliminate daily. Keeping our colon clean is vital to maintaining our health.

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