The Power Of Prayer And Praise

The Power Of Prayer And PraiseThe Power Of Prayer And Praise From The Spoken Word

The power of prayer and praise has a large influence on the body. There were some amazing studies conducted and documented by Dr. Emoto from Japan. He showed how the power of prayer and praise affected water and the water crystals that formed when frozen.

What his studies showed was when water is spoken to with loving intent and words like; thankful, gratitude, love, etc., followed by freezing the water directly after, the water crystals that formed were breathtaking. The frozen crystals all formed a unique shape and they were all beautiful.

On the other hand, speaking words such as evil, death, and hate produce crystals that are messed up and gross-looking. And, the language used to speak to the water doesn’t matter. It is the intent that matters.

Most people wouldn’t know the word hate hearing it in another language. It’s the intent behind the word, not the word itself. The intent is what is transmitted to the water which is used to create the crystals.

The human body is made up of seventy percent water. When you say or when someone says to you things like “You’re stupid, I wish you were dead, I hate you” the impact of those words internally on the seventy percent of your body which is water can’t be ignored.

Some of these studies were done on regular plain old tap water. The findings were interesting, to say the least. The tap water was spoken to, blessed, and then frozen.

The frozen blessed water was then compared to normal unblessed frozen tap water. The water that was blessed created beautiful crystals and the non-blessed tap water formed ugly crystals.

The Power Of Prayer And Praise Has A Profound Effect On Water

When we eat or drink, we should always bless the food and water or whatever it is that we are drinking beforehand. You can say a prayer or just say words like love, grateful, etc. before your meal.

Let’s say you are in a place and you can’t get good water and you are stuck with drinking tap water. Just say to the water, this water is fantastic, thank you, I’m grateful to be drinking you and then drink it.

It’s the same thing with people in our lives and the relationships we have with them. People feel the impact of your words and vice versa. And, the people closest to you feel it the most.

If someone close to you says something negative to you, it stays with you all day, a week, or maybe longer depending on what was said. In comparison, the guy down the street who is a little crazy says something negative to you and you immediately let it go.

The opposite of sorcery is prayer and blessings. We need to make it part of our day to bless people and say nice things to them. Every being on this planet loves to hear nice things being said to them, about them.

Using the power of prayer and praise before you eat or giving gratitude is significant and contributes to your overall health. Plus, it just makes you feel good!

Your words have a tremendous impact on yourself and all those around you, so choose wisely. Remember, we humans are 70% water and words affect physical properties so speak kindly with love.

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