The Power Of Prayer And Positive Thinking https://drthomaslodi.com/the-power-of… The power of prayer and positive thinking can make a huge impact on the body. Dr. Emoto from Japan did some amazing studies on the power of words on water and water crystals. He showed that when you talk to water with words like love, health, gratitude, beautiful, etc., and then immediately froze the water, it formed amazing water crystals. All the crystals form a different shape but they are all beautiful nonetheless. Conversely, when words like hate, evil, and death are used, the crystals that are formed are ugly and grotesque. And, the cool part is, it doesn’t matter what language is being spoken. If we heard the word hate in another language, you wouldn’t know it. It’s not just the word, it is the intent behind the meaning of the word itself. It is the intent that gets transmitted to the water and ultimately produces the crystals. It’s important to note that our bodies are in fact 70% water. When people say things like “I hate you, you’re stupid, I wish you were dead” think of what that does internally in the body to that 70%! The interesting thing is in some of these studies tap water was used and then it was blessed and froze. They compared the blessed water to the tap water that wasn’t blessed. The blessed water formed beautiful crystals and the tap water had messed up ugly crystals.    • Stilling The Mind In Meditation      / @drthomaslodi   #thepowerofprayerandpositivethinking #thepowerofprayer #drthomaslodi

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