The Perfect Diet Is Not EatingIt May Be Hard For Some People To Grasp But The Perfect Diet Is Not Eating.

There is no perfect nutrient. There is a part of every nutrient, every food, that is not usable. For example, if you eat an organic apple, there is part of it that you will not be able to use which will be eliminated. Let’s get into why the perfect diet is not eating.

The point is there is no perfect food. There’s nothing you take in and have one hundred percent of it become part of you with the exception of oxygen and water.

The reason for this is very complicated. Even oxygen and water get used and they no longer exist as oxygen or water, they get used and they become other things.

There is really no perfect food and that’s what people need to understand.  They will ask what is the perfect human diet? The answer is there is no perfect human diet.

As an example, if you were to eat an apple you would be able to use 90% of it and 10% won’t be able to be used. It’s the same with broccoli, eat some and 90% can be used, 10% cannot.

The body has to get rid of the unusable, otherwise, you know, in a couple of years you’d be too big to walk. Let’s say you put the broccoli into a pot of boiling water and boil it.

The Perfect Diet Is Not Eating For A Period of Time Which Will Help Restore Your Health

Now it’s soft and mushy, how much of it can you use? Maybe about 20% and not the 90% when raw. The rest is not usable anymore, so it was changed when cooked. If you fried it, maybe 0.01% could be used and the rest would be unusable.

Therefore, long ago, I came up with the conclusion that instead of saying this food is better than this food, and this is better than that food, I look at food as being this is worse than that. None of it can be used 100% so it’s now the case of which food is less bad for you, less harmful for you.

What does that imply? It implies that more than likely the best diet would be not eating, and there is actually some evidence that this is true.

There is some evidence and that has to do with the structure of our blood cells, the red blood cells. They have the same structure as chlorophyll in the plants. The red blood cells grab energy from light and transmute it into biological energy.

In nature, God didn’t and doesn’t make anything that does not have value, that does not have utility, or that is not useful. Anything that exists, exists for a purpose and has a reason and has utility.

We would not have red blood cells that are designed to absorb light for no reason. Why would we have that in our blood?

No one has ever been able to answer that question because there is no obvious reason. However, it exists, and things don’t exist unless they’re necessary.

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