The Myth Of DiseaseThe Myth Of Disease Is Perpetuated By The Medical Industry!

The myth of disease will be explained in this article because I want people to truly understand there is no disease. The body does only what is necessary. People eat food that was not designed for the body.

People eat cheeseburgers, pizza, hot dogs, etc. and their arteries are getting plugged up with fats becoming very narrow. The body has a certain wisdom and it knows that it has to maintain the blood flow.

The heart starts to work harder, and the autonomic nervous system is making the veins and arteries open and close to maintain the “flow” of blood. If there is not a flow or a certain mean arterial pressure throughout the whole body.

When this flow is not maintained, the delivery of nutrients suffers as well as the cleansing of the waste internally. People will end up having heart attacks or a stroke as a result of what is happening.

The body is dealing with narrowed veins and arteries as a result of eating the wrong foods. The body then increases blood pressure. If the body increases the pressure, the flow can be maintained.

Then, they go to the doctor and the doctor says they have a disease and it’s called high blood pressure. The doctor says, we have to fix that. Do you think this makes sense? Do you think these people eating the wrong foods really have a disease?

Is the body doing something wrong? No, it isn’t. The body is correcting a situation which is due to what? Living unnaturally. Living in violation of the laws of nature.

The Myth Of Disease Needs To Be Replaced By Living Under The Biological Laws Of Nature

The same situation applies to diabetes as well. If a person is eating lots of pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, and cake, then they are going to have too much glucose in their body and blood. The cells are then going to change and become resistant to insulin.

The cells become resistant to insulin so that they do not absorb too much glucose. The reason for this is that if the body gets too much glucose, it will die. Is this a disease? No, but it’s labeled diabetes. It’s not a disease, it’s doing what is necessary to maintain homeostasis.

Is the answer to give the body even more insulin? No, that is not the answer. We have to stop the reason why the body has to do that. The body has a goal, a necessity to maintain balance.

If a person doesn’t do anything to get the body out of balance, then it doesn’t have to do anything to get it back into balance. How do people keep the body from getting out of balance? They need to live according to nature.

What’s important to understand is what the medical profession are calling diseases is the body developing a response to an unnatural situation. It’s not a disease where something needs to be cured.

What’s needs to happen is we need to change the reason why the body was doing what it was doing. Remove that reason and the associated conditions vanish.

When people come to our healing center, An Oasis of Healing, with high blood pressure, it is gone within a week or two at the most, and medications are no longer needed.

We have people do a whole-body cleanse and detoxification and when they do this the veins and arteries open up and the junk that was causing them to narrow is eaten up.

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