The Concept Of A Magic Pill Is Based On The Wrong Paradigm

The Concept Of A Magic Pill

The Concept Of A Magic Pill Is Based On The Wrong Paradigm, The Wrong Understanding Of The Way Things Are.

Fortunately, there’s enough of us awakening to the fact that the nature of nature, is healing. Nature heals. The concept of a magic pill implies that there’s something wrong that you have to fix and the pill’s going to fix it.

An example is, I have a fever. In western society, we see fever as an indication of a Tylenol deficiency. And so, we give the body Tylenol to fix the fever.

Now if we knew that our immune system functions best at 103.5 degrees, we’d say, oh, hey, I got a fever, cool. I’ll let the fever run its course and burn whatever it is in my body out of my body.

Now the lizard and snake who are not warm-blooded and don’t know that, crawl onto a hot rock and bake in the sun out of instinct to get their white blood cells functioning better.

What we need to understand is that the body is divinely driven, is divinely crafted, You talk about fashionable stuff, our skin for example is very fashionable stuff. It’s got the signature of God on it. It’s very fashionable, it works really well.

The body has certain requirements. Its job is to heal. You cut it, it heals.

You scratch a Maserati, it doesn’t heal. Take the space shuttle, which costs over a billion dollars, scratch it, it won’t heal. The body heals.

So, the body is worth at least over a billion dollars, if you want to think of us in terms of money. It’s a magical thing. and that’s what it does, it heals.

The only time it’s not healing is when something is in the way. The only time water doesn’t run downhill is something is in the way. However, water will always run downhill because as soon as you move the obstacle, it’ll flow again. The same is true with this body.

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So, the best thing we can do is get out of our way and how do we do that? We get back to the very fundamentals of life and the very fundamentals of life are: we’re human, we’re earthlings, the earth is producing our food, it’s giving us air, it’s giving us gravity, all these things we need to sleep.

If you just got back to the very basics of being an earthling, you will heal because that’s what you were designed to do. To take a pill means “I don’t understand”,  that there’s nothing wrong.

If I have high blood pressure, if I have cancer, if I have heart disease, that’s my body keeping me alive. Without those things, without those processes going on, we would die. For example, with high blood pressure, the blood couldn’t get through, my organs wouldn’t get enough oxygen and I would die. A woman with a breast lump, if it didn’t turn into a fermentative, primitive, functioning group of cells that we call cancer, her breast would turn black and fall off, so it’s saving her life.

Now, if we understand that, then what we need to do is say okay, somehow I have gotten in the way of my own ability to heal. So, we have a sign that says, “The best thing to do about anything, is nothing”.

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