The Body Is A Self-Healing Mechanism http://drthomaslodi.com The body is a self-healing mechanism, it’s not that we’re going to let nature fix our bodies, our bodies are nature. We need to learn to step out of our own way when it comes to healing and allow the body to do what it does 24/7 and that is heal. We need to keep from getting in the way of our bodies natural modalities of healing because when we do interfere, it dramatically slows and can prevent the healing process from happening. Here is an example of how we get in the way of the body’s natural healing process. When we have a cold, we have symptoms such as a stuffy head, fever, sore throat, and achy all over. What we do is try to get rid of those symptoms. Let’s take a pill that will relieve the stuffiness and then medicine to eliminate the aches and mucus. What we don’t realize is the mucus is produced by mucus glands that we have all over our body. Mucus bounds, captures and expels the toxins from our body. And here we are trying to shut that process down. This is a tremendous misunderstanding in the healing process. The body really knows what it is doing, it’s constantly fixing itself as they are self-healing mechanisms. The aches and pains that are going on are important signs. They are a sign of inflammation. Inflammation is the fundamental way in which healing occurs. The four cardinal signs of inflammation are red, hot, painful and swollen. For example, you bang your finger with a hammer and it gets red, hot, painful and swollen and in 3-4 days, it’s back to normal. So, acute inflammation is important in the healing process but what we don’t want is chronic inflammation.    • Health and Disease      / thomaslodimd  

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