the best drinking waterThe Best Drinking Water Is Simply Called H2O, It’s Just Pure Water, Let Me Explain

The fact is 99% of all human effort is commercially based or profit motivated. Water is the medium of life. Water is what allows life to occur. Water is required in that exact natural chemical formula known as H2O, that’s the best drinking water available anywhere.

The question is not what do we need to add to water because remember, we don’t have to add anything to nature as it’s already perfect. Since we live in an extremely toxic and insane time right now in human history, what we have to do is take things out of it and remove what has been added.

Reverse osmosis for water purification is probably necessary at this point in time. We simply can’t drink water that comes from the tap as we have to clean out all the none H2O stuff that is contained in it.

Reverse osmosis is a good option and also distilled water is valid as well. We don’t have to worry about alkalizing the water as our bodies do that for us. Our body’s makeup is 70% water or H2O, all the other elements, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fats are going to come from the foods we ingest.

What we need is water, not water plus something. We need to remove this hypnotic spell that everyone is under right now about the best drinking water and how do we get it. All we need is H2O, water and if you can get fresh spring water, that’s clearly the best, if not reverse osmosis or distilled water.

The Best Drinking Water You Could Possibly Consume 

Remember, the body doesn’t use just minerals on its own. We can’t walk around and eat just rocks. We now know that most minerals need to be carried by proteins in order to get into our cells and benefit us. You can’t just start eating rocks, it doesn’t work that way. Plants can do that as they absorb the nutrients and minerals from rocks.

That’s why I always come back to plant water. Plants take the H2O and perfect it. Plants balance and perfect water in a way that we can’t comprehend and we don’t need to comprehend it. All we need to do is consume the best drinking water available and that’s the green juice from plants.

Hold your glass of green juice up to the heavens and say thank you and drink it. It is perfect drinking water with all the nutrients our bodies need and nothing more. We tend to overcomplicate things in our society today and this is one place where it can really hurt our health.

Drink green juice and keep it simple your body will thank you for it.

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