The Benefits Of Water Fasting https://drthomaslodi.com/ The benefits of water fasting are profound and can have a very deep impact of the state of your health. What happens when you just drink water is your body goes through all the stored glucose that it has. This is the hardest part of a water fast. The first 72 hours or 3 days is where your appetite will fight you and make it difficult on you. When you get beyond the first 72 hours, the body begins to live on fat. We measure what happens to you throughout the entire water fast. We measure by doing finger sticks and look at your ketone levels. The body takes fat, breaks it down into ketones and then uses it for energy. By measuring the ketone levels we are able to see how much fat you have and if you are truly off of a glucose diet. If we see that your glucose levels are high and your ketone levels are low, then we know you are either still eating or maybe it’s the first three days of not eating. Beginning on day 4 of the water fast, we will see your ketones rise and your glucose levels decline. On a prolonged water fast, we would also see your glucose levels go up again and this is because your body is eating non-viable pathological tissues that you are happy about. Water fasting is the ultimate ketogenic diet. One of the benefits of water fasting is that it is the ultimate renewal. When you are not eating and your body is no longer needing to process what you are consuming it then cleans house!    • The Benefits of Water Fasting      / @drthomaslodi  

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