the benefits of a water enema

What Is A Water Enema And Why Is It Good For You?

In his latest video, integrative oncology and metabolic medicine expert Dr. Thomas Lodi explains the benefits of a water enema and why it should be part of good medical hygiene.

Enema administration is a technique that uses liquid treatment “to stimulate stool evacuation.” It is used to relieve severe cases of constipation, but it can also be used to clean out the colon for better detection of colon cancer and polyps.

A cleansing enema is administered to “gently flush out the colon.” It can be done before a colonoscopy or another form of medical examination. A cleansing enema can help relieve constipation, fatigue, headaches, and backaches. A retention enema also stimulates bowel movement but, as the name implies, it is meant to be “held” in the body for at least 15 minutes.

In comparison to colonics or colon hydrotherapy, an enema involves a “one-time infusion” of water whereas colonics involve multiple infusions. In an enema, the main goal is to “evacuate the lower colon” while in colonics, the objective is to cleanse a bigger portion of the bowel.

According to Dr. Lodi, the biggest benefit of water enema is keeping the colon clean. He explained, “Having a clean colon is the key to true health. If you look around the animal world, all animals are having bowel movements all day long. If you want to know what “not constipated” means, just walk behind a horse for a half-hour.”

Listen In As Dr. Lodi Explains The Benefits Of A Water Enema

Our colon absorbs water and nutrients from food. It also removes waste and toxins. Waste that does not get out of our body can cause the colon walls to become “encrusted”, thus making it inefficient at its job. This can trigger problems like stomach pains, swelling, indigestion, irritability, fatigue, allergies, and inability to focus, among others.

He added, “We are all constipated. If you are having a bowel movement once a day, that is not enough. If you consider that your colon is five feet long and you have one bowel a day, even if it is a large one, you still have too much left in the colon. The colon is connected to veins that drain it and go coalescent to one big vein called the portal vein that goes back to the liver. This is called autointoxication.”

Autointoxication is what happens when the body is “poisoned” by toxic substances that are not eliminated. The waste formed from inadequately digested food and by bacterial and fungal action can cause an inflammatory reaction in the lining of the bowel. This can cause ‘leaky gut syndrome’ and fibromyalgia.

“You’re taking all your waste from your feces and it’s going right back into your liver every four minutes. This clearly illustrates why water enemas are important to do on a consistent basis to prevent this from happening. If you keep your colon clean, you’ll never have to see a doctor.”

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