The 4 Pillars Of Treating Cancer

The 4 Pillars Of Treating Cancer Are Holistic In Nature And Help To Allow The Body To Heal Itself.

Your journey towards healing can only happen while attending a healing center. Our center, The LifeCo clinic is the Asian hub representing a true healing center. They use the 4 Pillars of treating center to restore people’s health.

We are going to explain these 4 pillars for treating cancer. Pillar number one helps stop cancer production. The biochemistry must be changed in the body in order for the body to stop making cancer.

When the biochemistry is changed for the positive cells no longer ferment. These cancer cells can revert to being healthy cells again.

The parts of our unique cancer care program include; colonics, cleansing, going to bed early, lymphatic work, meditation, balancing hormones, yoga, and helping to work on relationships with your husband/wife or family members. These therapies can help change the body’s biochemistry, so it no longer ferments sugar.

When the biochemistry of the body improves health returns and cancer is no longer produced. If cancer isn’t stopped from being produced, the doctor or surgeon and how good they are at eliminating it is irrelevant as it will return.

The LifeCo Clinic uses a healing paradigm, not a disease paradigm. Those who come to see us understand that we are a healing center and not a treatment facility.

A treatment facility treats people in a passive role. This is not the right paradigm from which healing cancer can occur.

The 4 Pillars of Treating Cancer Must Come From A Healing Paradigm

Conversely, a person who begins using our programs starts their journey towards health. Your healing journey includes your spouse and parents. This separates us from a hospital by a wide margin as not only are you on a healing journey but now your parents are learning how to stay healthy and prevent cancer.

Our second pillar is about targeting cancer and eliminating it while doing no harm to the body. Chemotherapy and radiation are not used here. Metabolic therapies are used where the cancer is challenged and unable to respond and dies.

Cancer cells lack the enzymes that healthy cells have, and we use that limitation to our benefit in helping people heal. As an example, intravenous high dose vitamin c can’t be metabolized by cancer cells so they die. In comparison, your healthy thrive with it. This represents metabolic therapy.

Artesunate, curcumin, and B17 are examples of intravenous botanicals or metabolic therapies that we administer here. These are not cytotoxic therapies.

Our third pillar is centered around waking up the immune system. Cancer puts the immune system to sleep. The immune system becomes paralyzed from cytokines and interleukins caused by cancer.

It’s as if the immune system becomes blinded and is unable to see cancer. Our treatments and therapies given in the right order and amounts, wake it up.

Waking up the immune system enables it to do that which it was designed to do and eliminates cancer.

The fourth pillar focuses on training and education which is the most essential part of our program. If those who are treated by us don’t learn what we are teaching then even when we are successful and they return home, cancer will return.

This happens because when returning home, they revert to old unhealthy habits. Therefore, learning through teaching and training is critical. It enables people to bring it home with them. It is of course for you but also for all your family and people close to you.

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