Tenzin Josh Teaches How To Control The Mind For Better Health https://drthomaslodi.com/school-of-he… Tenzin Josh shares that when you look at cancer search and the occurrence of chronic disease and cancer, in particular, it is very well documented and very well understood that the development of cancer is a mental thing. It is predominantly a factor of our minds, our emotions, and our stress levels. When we talk about recovery from a chronic disease such as cancer, we know that true recovery is almost impossible without bringing your mind into that equation. Tenzin is a western trained psychologist from England. He studied with and was a disciple of the Dalai Lama for 15 years and has been working with the Dalai Lama for 35 years. Combining western psychology with eastern spirituality Tenzin will be introducing ways in which you can learn to control your mind. Those of us who are sick and those of us who are healthy, our minds are out of control. What Dr. Lodi has learned over his extensive experience in this area is that if you don’t take proper care of the mind cancer will return. You can’t just take care of the physical, both need to be addressed. Meditation doesn’t have to be done cross-legged but it is a fantastic way to do it. You can also sit in a chair to meditate. The first thing we need to do in meditation is to calm the mind down. We need to not only calm the mind down but bring a bit of focus. Tenzin josh provides in the online video series is the basic, specific practices that one can begin immediately regardless of whichever approach they decide to pursue with regards to treatment, whether it be conventional or integrative-alternative therapies. Tenzin will teach you in our 8-hr online video series course that mental and emotional wellbeing is essential to healing. We invite you to register for our online course and learn how to control the mind for better health. Dr. Thomas Lodi Institute of Integrative Oncology 51 Goldhill Plaza #07-10/11 Singapore 308900 +66 6 1251 9786 https://maps.google.com/?cid=16065579…    • Integrative Oncology And Integrative …   #howtocontrolthemindforbetterhealth #meditationforhealing #learntoquietthemind

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