Surgery To Remove Cancer https://drthomaslodi.com/cancer-surge… Having surgery to remove cancer is the wrong way to go about healing. I’m going to give you a simple analogy of why surgery for cancer should be avoided. Let’s go with the example of a poison apple tree that’s in your backyard. People who eat an apple from this tree end up dying because of the poison. The worms were even dying so now the apples have no worms as they got wise to it. Worms are smarter than people. Worms avoid the apples, people eat them. Humans call in a tree surgeon to fix the problem. They have the surgeon come in and cut off all the apples from the poisoned tree. Was the problem solved with cutting off all the apples? If you look at it from the conventional world perspective, problem solved, poison apples are done! In reality, the problem returns as soon as the apples grow back. Do you think the problem was the apples? It was not the apples. The real issue with the poisoned tree is the soil in which it rests in as well as the water being used to nourish it. The PH of the soil is acidic and causing the apples to become poisonous. So, the PH or environment of the soil needs to be changed to alkaline in order to produce nonpoisonous apples. Is this coming into focus now on what the real issue is? Having surgery to remove cancer is not the right way to heal. The surgeons performing these procedures seem to all say the same thing, “we got it all”, there is no more. We have clean margins, everything looks good. Then, only to have cancer return some six to twelve months later! And, in addition, it now has spread through your body. It has gone to other organs and to your brain. The reality of what the surgeon did was just cut the apples from the tree. The surgeon never attempted anything to address the real problem and change the environment or PH of the soil. Surgery for cancer doesn’t work and it mutilates the body!    • Alternative and Comprehensive Treatments      / @drthomaslodi  

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