sugar and its relationship with cancerToday, We Are Going To Discuss Sugar And Its Relationship With Cancer.

It’s first important to understand that sugar is the fundamental fuel for metabolism and the fuel by which cells work. When sugar is combined with oxygen in the mitochondria, it produces energy that runs all the cellular machinery, so it’s fundamental and our bodies need sugar. Let’s dig a little deeper into sugar and its relationship with cancer.

However, we do not need more than we need. If we get more than we need, it starts to become a problem and we become toxic and produce conditions such as insulin resistance. The body has a set mechanism to prevent the body from getting too much sugar.

In a chronic condition where the body is getting too much sugar, it will control it by becoming diabetic. This is the body’s way of controlling the sugar intake and preventing too much sugar from getting into the cells.

Cancer feeds on sugar. It’s anaerobic and needs 19 times more sugar and it does this by having extra insulin receptors, it’s very clever. The thing that feeds cancer preferentially is spikes in sugar. If you are eating a normal healthy diet your sugar variations will be normal and slight, not spiking.

It’s Only During A Sugar Spike That Insulin Is Produced Because When The Sugar Goes Up, Insulin Is Produced

And when insulin is produced it will be picked up preferentially and first by cancer cells. During sugar spikes, you are feeding cancer cells. If you have minimal spikes and sustain a normal, healthy diet, you will be starving cancer cells.

Now, in terms of the quality of sugar, the best quality of any substance of any macronutrient and sugar is a carbohydrate which is a macronutrient, is that which comes from its original source which are plants. Plants are the originators of all things biological.

What needs to be understood is even spinach and potatoes as an example have some amount of sugar. Everything has some amount of sugar. There is no such thing as a pure starch tree just like there is no pure fat tree. Even a seed which is mostly oil and fats has a little bit of protein and some carbs.

Watch Me Explain In Detail Sugar And Its Relationship With Cancer

There is no pure anything, it’s all a variation of different proportions of these three macronutrients and all the tiny micronutrients. When you eat wildcrafted foods and you eat them in season you will always be healthy.

So, can we eat fruit, yes, we can. The amount could depend on your current health condition but for the majority of people, you should eat fruit every day. Fruit is our most natural food, for example, if you hold a red apple up to a baby or a pear, they will instinctually grab for it and try to put it in their mouth. They don’t grab rabbits or frogs and try to eat them.

Fruit is our most instinctual food and we do need it daily. We should always try to eat it in season and eat wildcrafted organic fruit at that but never overeat it. When you eat fruit, you should eat it alone so you have the most efficient digestion and also so it doesn’t ferment.

Remember, the more you require of your digestive system, the less efficient it will be. So, eat fruit on its own and space it out from when eating other foods, give it time to properly digest.

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