Should Humans Drink MilkShould Humans Drink Milk, Only If They Want Health Problems In Their Life.

Should humans drink milk is a question that is often asked so I wanted to provide a clear answer for people. A mother’s breast milk is what an infant needs until such a time that it is no longer needed.

Let’s review how nature handles the weaning off of a mother’s milk. A horse has a baby or foal and the foal drinks its mother’s milk. However, when it’s time, the mother will wean the foal and push it away preventing any further drinking of her milk.

The horse won’t allow the foal once it’s weaned, to drink her milk even on certain occasions. That’s it, it’s over and there is no more mother’s milk to be had.

Why does this happen? Well, if the foal were allowed to continue drinking its mother’s milk, eventually, cancer would develop. Casein is the protein found in milk and it stimulates growth.

If a person has rapid growth occurring after a certain point, that’s called cancer. Animals in nature wean their offspring when a certain age is hit and there is no going back.

People don’t do this and it’s a problem. The dairy industry is powerful and actually pushes the opposite of what should occur. They push and promote the consumption of milk from womb to tomb.

So Should Humans Drink Milk Well Not If Health Is The Goal

As humans, we not only don’t wean our kids off milk, we teach them to drink another species milk, cows. And, why were cows chosen?

If we are going to have our children drink another species milk, why wouldn’t we have chosen a milk that was close to human’s milk? If that were the case, people should be drinking Gorilla’s milk, right?

And, have you ever noticed how people are repulsed by human milk? For example, if you offered someone a fresh, cold, tall glass of human milk, they would almost throw up in their mouths and pass. However, offer that person goat milk and they’re all in. Interesting isn’t it.

Here’s the point, all of the mammals in nature quit drinking milk at a certain age because they know instinctively that they should. They don’t question it or let it happen every now and then, it’s over.

So, should humans drink milk? Continuing to drink milk becomes dangerous to the health of a human or an animal. Weaning off of a mother’s milk, whether it’s a dog, horse or cat is non-negotiable.

Sadly, the dairy industry has a rather large marketing budget and they bring in the star power using celebrities through T.V. ads. They program people to believe milk “does a body good” and you should continue to drink it for good health.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Stop drinking milk and replace it with green juice. Green juice provides real nutrients that are absorbed and used by the body. When you give the human body what it needs, health problems are avoided and vibrant life can be achieved.

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