Should Adults Drink Milk?

Should Adults Drink Milk

Should Adults Drink Milk? https://drthomaslodi.com/should-human… Should adults drink milk is a question that is asked often. The answer is simple, no! An infant needs its mother’s milk until such a time that it is no longer needed and stops with no further consumption. An infant doubles in size very quickly and needs maximum protein to help accomplish this growth stage. A mother’s milk is the ideal protein source for this type of growth. At no other stage in a human’s life does that kind of growth occur, hence why the weaning off milk happens in nature with animals naturally. Humans have stepped away from nature and ignore it. There’s a protein in milk called casein and this protein will stimulate growth. If there is rapid growth in the body past a particular point, that is what is called cancer. All animals in nature will wean their offspring once a certain age is reached. People don’t do this and go against nature. The opposite occurs with us which is crazy and contributes to the growing health crises around the world. Also, we are up against the might dairy industry which pushes and promotes the consumption of milk from when we are born right up until we pass away. The dairy industry is a billion-dollar industry and of course, wants people to think milk is healthy for you to drink. Humans don’t wean their children off milk. And, we even take it one step further, we have them drink another species milk, that of cows. And, why cows? If we wanted to match milk that is very similar to that of human’s, shouldn’t it have been Gorilla milk? Mammals stop consuming milk at a particular age because they know they should, that’s nature. We need to reconnect with nature and follow the same path.    • Stop Making Cancer      / @drthomaslodi  

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