What To Know About A Second Opinion For A Cancer Diagnosis

second opinion for a cancer diagnosisI Wanted To Discuss What To Know About A Second Opinion For A Cancer Diagnosis. 

The reason I wanted to share this with you is I think people are confused when it comes to what a second opinion for a cancer diagnosis really means. When we get a second opinion we are really looking for another perspective on what we have been told.

If a person were to go to one of the big cancer centers like MD Anderson and get a diagnosis and specific treatment plan and then want a second diagnosis. Well, they can certainly go to Dana Farber or Sloan Kettering or another large institution of the same type for that second opinion.

However, what people need to keep in mind is these doctors and institutions are practicing and giving a cancer diagnosis from the same guidelines. They were all trained the same, had to pass the same exams and they have the same approach. To put it into perspective, its like going to a BMW dealership and looking for the possibility of buying a Ford which is very likely not going to happen.

Why It’s Important To Ask For A Second Opinion From An Alternative Doctor

My recommendation is this, if you would like a second opinion of your cancer diagnosis you can certainly go to another conventional institution or doctor. However, in order to receive another perspective or view perhaps of what cancer is and how it came about and what the necessary steps are to eliminate it, it is best to see an alternative doctor such as myself.

Here are some additonal questions that should be asked while recieving any diagnosis. Is there anything I should do about changing my diet? What you will find is the majority of conventional institutions don’t think that diet is really important and they tell people to just eat what they can.

Now, they might mention nowadays because it’s popular to lower your sweets and sugar intake. However, on the other end, where these conventional institutions are administering chemotherapy you will see bowls of candy and the like. You will not get answers to these types of questions from the conventional world.

The conventional world is more interested in combating the tumor / tumors. They are aware that their treatments are dangerous and so they are doing a lot of research on targeting cancer. However, they don’t talk about how one can change their body’s biochemistry so that it will no longer be a hospitable host to cancer.

They also don’t talk about how the body can be naturally stimulated so that the immune system is functioning at it’s highest level.  A second opinion means going to that Ford dealer and getting their perspective. Go to a conventional doctor or institution and get two opinions and then get two truly alternative opinions as well.

Make sure the true second opinion for a cancer diagnosis is from an integrative oncologist or an alternative physician who has several years of experience and is quite knowledgeable on the subject. You’ll find that these integrative oncologists and alternative physicians are doing similar types of interventional modalities to target the cancer and they are all biochemically sound and documented in science.

Some examples of these types of interventional modalities are; high dose vitamin c, ozone therapy, b17, etc. There are a lot of cancer targeting methods that do no harm to the body. You also need to ask them how you can go about changing your lifestyle so that this doesn’t happen again.

These are the questions to ask when getting a second opinion for a cancer diagnosis from physicians who understand how the body works and addresses the root cause.


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