Dr. Lodi – Resources*

*Disclaimer. The resources listed in bold are known to be very good.

Contacts & Resources
Biological Dentists

Emma Abramyan DDS, AIAOMT

Center For Integrative Wellness and Laser Dentistry

818 638 3074 Alicia is in charge of scheduling and returning the phone calls & email inquiries.

1010 N Glendale Ave #206, Glendale CA  91206


Dentist Tucson: Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman offers various dental services for her patients in Tucson . Call today at 520-326-0082 to schedule an appointment.


Dr. Sheri (Shahrzad) Salartash DDS MAGD FICO, FAAIP | Dr. Dr. Sheri (Shahrzad) Salartash

Dr. Sheri is an expert Cosmetic & General Dentist and she is very passionate about the results of her work. Call (703) 775-0002 to make an appointment.


New York


New Jersey

I only know of Phillip Mollica in Saddle Brook, but I’ve also heard that Mark Berkowitz in Morganville and Joel Singer in Fort Lee are also good!

Fasting Books

The Fasting Cure by Upton Sinclair

Fasting Can Save Your Life by Herbert M Shelton, NMD

The Science and Fine Art of Fasting by Herbert M Shelton, NMD

Rational Fasting by Arnold Erhert https://www.amazon.com/-/es/Arnold-Ehret/dp/1884772013/ref=sr_1_4?crid=1JV5T2FWTCCAL&keywords=arnold+ehret&qid=1675749630&s=books&sprefix=Arnold+ere%2Cstripbooks-intl-ship%2C348&sr=1-4

Vitality, Fasting and Nutrition by Hereward Carrington


Miracle of Fasting by Bragg

Fasting for Health and Long Life by Hereward Carrington, PhD (this is a pdf you can read immediately)



School Of Health GMB Stack