Reasons For Irregular PeriodsLet’s Review In This Article The Reasons For Irregular Periods And How To Resolve This.

The reasons for irregular periods can result from many contributing health factors. We are going to focus on the balancing of estrogen and progesterone that help produce a healthy menstrual cycle.

When looking at a healthy menstrual cycle during the first fourteen days, the first few days start with blood flow. The level of estrogen climbs and then peeks between days twelve through fourteen. When the estrogen level drops, the egg comes out and ovulation occurs. This is an example of a healthy menstrual cycle.

If a women’s stress level is on the high side as well as many other health factors it can cause estrogen levels to go out of balance and result in the egg not coming out. If the egg doesn’t come out, then there is no ovulation and there is no corpus luteum. A women’s progesterone production will be limited.

If very little progesterone is produced, a woman becomes estrogen dominant. Unfortunately, this means women are more susceptible to; ovarian cancer, fibrocystic breast conditions, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts,  breast cancer, and uterine cancer. The common denominator for all of these conditions is estrogen dominance.

During a healthy cycle in the second part of the month, the dominance then switches from estrogen to progesterone. There is an obvious spike in the first half of the month in relation to estrogen levels. There is another spike in the second half of the month that looks similar to the first half spike only this time its progesterone.

Any medical professional working with a woman to help balance her hormones has to have her cycling. We teach this as part of our online video course we do exactly that and we do it with elderly women as well.

Reasons For Irregular Periods Can Be Rectified Quickly

This just happens to be part of our comprehensive cancer care program. Balancing hormone levels is an important part of restoring health and is taken very seriously with our protocol. Hormones that are not balanced properly can lead to certain cancers. They can contribute to other health-related conditions when dealing with cancer. This needs to be handled by medical professionals and is a critical aspect of cancer care.

This is further evidence that there is in fact no magic bullet when it comes to healing from cancer. At our healing center, we use an integrative and comprehensive approach to helping people restore their health. Our center doesn’t throw anything out that is effective and does no harm to the body. We work within the biological laws of nature.

Dr. Lodi uses integrative oncology, metabolic medicine, exercise programs with oxygen, proper sleep, green juicing followed by a plant-based raw diet, and many other therapies and treatments. We create and bring a complete healing solution with a unique and specific cancer care plan to each individual that visits us.

We work on each visitor’s specific condition and start our program for them very quickly. What’s important to understand is once health is restored using our online video course for healing from cancer, they now bring teach that new lifestyle to people they love and care about. It’s one thing to eliminate cancer, it is quite another to keep it from returning. This is what separates Dr. Thomas Lodi from all other alternative cancer doctors.

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