Reasons For Irregular Periods https://drthomasodi.com I wanted to discuss in this video the reasons for irregular periods. If you look at the first 14 days of a healthy cycle, day one begins with the flow of blood. The estrogen goes up and peeks between days 12 -14. As the estrogen declines, it causes the egg to come out and you have ovulation. This represents a healthy cycle. If a women’s estrogen is not in balance as a result of stress or many other factors it could cause the egg not to come out. In that case, there is no ovulation and the women won’t have a corpus luteum and not much progesterone is produced. Now, if a woman doesn’t make much progesterone, they will become estrogen dominant which means you become susceptible to; fibrocystic breast conditions, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and breast cancer. All of these conditions are related to estrogen dominance. If you are in a healthy cycle, then the second part of your month or the last 14 days, will be dominated by progesterone and the estrogen will have come down. Compare it to two mountains, the first mountain in the beginning of the month is dominated by estrogen and the second mountain or second half of the month is dominated by progesterone. Any professional helping a woman with her hormones has to cycle her and we do this at An Oasis of Healing even with elderly women.    • Human Body Frequency Resonance      / @drthomaslodi  

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