Questions About Cancer For Your Oncologist

Questions About Cancer

The Following Are Questions About Cancer For Your Oncologist That Are Critical To Know The Answers To.

However, getting those answers is another story altogether. Most oncologists will deflect and avoid answering questions about cancer and reiterate the treatment protocol they have come up with for you. That should make you question what it is they are telling you.

Questions about cancer are numerous but the in-depth information for the truthful answers to those questions always seems to be missing. When oncologists were interviewed privately, a stunning revealed 70% they would not subject their family to the cancer treatment protocols they subscribe for their very own patients.

Here are those questions about cancer that you should demand answers to from your oncologist:

  1. If all of my detectable tumors are removed successfully, what then?
  2. How do I go about successfully preventing a recurrence of cancer?
  3. Is there a possibility that the approach you’re suggesting I undertake would increase the chance of any recurrence?
  4. Can cancer cells be spread as a result of having surgery?
  5. Can you tell me the effect general anesthesia has on my liver and immune system?
  6. How often does radiation cause significant problems and dysfunction?
  7. What is your knowledge of integrative oncology? What areas of this field have you studied in-depth to provide me solid options in regards to an alternative approach that you are recommending I take?

The answer to these questions in regards to cancer and treatment is not complicated if you have studied and “learned” the truth (the truth, which is not MY truth, but rather THE truth does not get “learned” – it gets REMEMBERED because it is something we have always known and have simply forgotten). I was a practicing medical doctor in the oncology field and personally witnessed that these conventional treatments do not work.

The conventional treatments are a militarized approach where the battlefield is the human body and the collateral effects are devastating. The body does not need to be broken down this way where its only defense system, the immune system, is completely destroyed. If there was a fly on the wall, would we throw a hand grenade at the fly? No! What would that do? That would devastate more than just the fly. That is the problem…that is what conventional treatments do.

Questions About Cancer Answered Through A 3 Part Comprehensive Cancer Care Program

There is a far better way to eliminate cancer through integrative treatments where the body gains strength with each subsequent treatment. This is quite the opposite of the conventional method which has not changed one bit in decades, nor have the results. That is a very sad fact!

Dr. Thomas Lodi works with the biological laws of nature. All treatments for cancer within the integrated model bring no harm to the human body. No hair is lost, no body parts are cut off or cut out. There’s no metal taste in the mouth. No violent, consistent vomiting.

First, under our integrated approach, the production of cancer is stopped. Second, the cancer is targeted and eliminated and third, we enhance the immune system. When the immune system is overloaded then it can’t do its job of attacking cancer, we ensure this does not happen.

More importantly, we teach you how to continue this lifestyle after healing from cancer.  Why would we do that? So the chances of cancer returning are dramatically reduced. It’s important to remember that the lifestyle we teach you is the lifestyle that needs to be maintained. Remember, it is easy to get rid of cancer…but if we don’t know how to stop making it, it will likely return.

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