Is A Prophylactic Mastectomy Necessary In Reducing One’s Risk In Getting Breast Cancer?

The answer is no! A mastectomy is not needed in order to reduce a women’s chance of developing breast cancer. The mutilation of the body by way of a prophylactic mastectomy that we have seen over the years is very sad and just should not ever happen. There have been and continue to be far too many women that are misinformed on this subject and more education and exposing the truth is needed.

A thorough understanding of the subject and sharing that knowledge with as many people as possible will help spread the word. And, here’s a perfect example of why more widespread education is needed. There was a recent phenomenon that has now officially ended called the “Brangelina phenomenon” which of course involved both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. This then evolved into the controversy on the BRCA gene.

BRCA stands for BReast CAncer susceptibility gene. There is a repair mechanism for broken double-stranded DNA. All DNA is double-stranded. When there is a flawed repair mechanism for broken DNA that is what is identified as the BRCA gene. The Angelina Jolie piece intertwined with the BRCA gene and it became the BRCA-Angelina. She decided, out of fear,  to have certain body parts removed as a result so “just in case” something developed down the road she would be okay.

The unfortunate thing about this is she was seriously misled. Let’s for a moment accept that if you were to have this genetic problem you are more likely to get breast cancer. So, you go ahead and cut off your breasts what this does is put you at the same risk for getting pancreatic and colon cancer. And, you certainly can’t take out your pancreas and your colon as you need these to function and stay alive.

A Prophylactic Mastectomy Is Part Of The Militarized Approach To Treating And Attempting To Prevent Cancer

Everyone has BRCA genes. Both women and men have BRCA genes where some are normal and some are flawed. Either parent can pass this gene onto their son or the daughter, it is not limited to just females.

Every gene has two chromosomes, one if from your mother and one from your father. Even if one chromosome is defective, you would have to have a somatic mutation with the other chromosome. It would have to have enough toxicity to make it a fully defective repair mechanism for broken double-stranded DNA. This should not be feared as it is very difficult to do.

Even if someone were to go and have all these body parts removed, a person still needs to correct what they should have in the first place. They need to eat healthier, go to bed earlier, etc. so they are no longer producing cancer and living a healthy lifestyle. Removing body parts does not exempt a person this living a healthy lifestyle and being immune from cancer.

Cancer is not a genetic phenomenon! One hundred years ago, 0.5% of the population had cancer, and today one out of two men and one out of three women now have cancer. Clearly, it’s not genetic, in fact, it’s the opposite. If 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women are getting cancer then if it were genetic that would mean at least one of our grandparents or great grandparents would have had cancer and that’s just not the case.

People can’t just start removing body parts to prevent cancer, it doesn’t work that way. Case in point, we had a woman come to our healing center some time ago and she had ovarian cancer. She had had her ovaries and uterus removed 7 years prior to developing cancer she was trying to prevent.

Cancer can’t exist under certain circumstances so the goal is to figure out what cancer needs to exist and eliminate those things.

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