I’m Here To Tell You That A Prognosis Of Cancer Does Not Define The Length Of Time One Has Left On This Earth.

A prognosis of cancer is when a medical doctor tells you a likely outcome of your condition. Look at the prognosis for arthritis for example. In most cases, if you go to a regular medical doctor they will say that you will always have it and the best we can do is make it as painless as possible.

A prognosis of cancer is where the medical doctor tells you how long you are going to live. Between surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, surgery is the only one that is considered a cure in the conventional medical world.

The medical world calls chemotherapy an adjuvant or accessory as well as the radiation to the surgery. Let’s say there were one hundred people who had cancer that went to MD Anderson, Dana Farber, Sloane Kettering, John Hopkins or any large cancer institution in a given month. The doctors will tell each of them what they can do for them.

Eighty percent of people will do what the doctors at those large institutions have told them to do and twenty percent will not. Now, those doctors will never see the twenty percent ever again. How do those doctors have any data on the twenty percent that left and wanted nothing to do with those harsh treatments?

A Prognosis Of Cancer Does Not Determine Your Expiration Date

They don’t have any data and they don’t know what will happen to those people in the twenty percent that walked out. This is what is important to understand about a prognosis of cancer, anything that those doctors at the large institutions would say about those twenty percent of people that left would be a lie.

Whatever they say would not be based on the truth or facts of each person. The truth is we all have the same prognosis which is, we are here today by the grace of God and promised nothing. None of us have a contract for tomorrow.

What it really comes down to is today and how we are living today. The point is not to eat right and live right for ten years from now, it is to eat and live right today to feel good and function well today. We eat right today to feel better, sleep better, have more energy, have better relationships with more compassion and more love.

Everything that a person needs to be happens because of health. That’s what health is, it is not some distant thing, it is today. In terms of a prognosis of cancer, what’s important to understand about those twenty percent of people who walked away from ever doing those conventional treatments is that I know what happened.

The reason I know is that I have seen now a few thousand people myself and we get people on a path of healing and health restoration. I really want to dispel the concept and paradigm the conventional doctors know what’s going to happen to you tomorrow because they don’t.

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