Progesterone SuppositoriesProgesterone Suppositories Are Helping Many Women With Their Pregnancies!

At our healing center, we give progesterone suppositories to women struggling to hold their pregnancies to term.  We have them insert the suppositories right before going to bed. This has shown tremendous success in helping them carry their pregnancies to term where that wasn’t possible prior to these suppositories.

All babies are healthiest when they are able to stay inside the womb for the complete gestation period. However, not every woman is able to hold the pregnancy full-term. Preterm labors are associated with a number of developmental problems that can affect the child. If you are pregnant your physician might suggest Progesterone doses in order to prevent premature births. Here is important information on Progesterone.

What Is Progesterone?

Progesterone is one of the female hormones that play a vital role during the stages of pregnancy. This hormone assists in stimulating a number of vital functions inside the body. Your adrenal glands and ovaries produce this hormone, which provides your body with a way to prepare for conception and then pregnancy. Progesterone also plays the role of regulating your menstrual cycles as well as encouraging sexual desire.

Using Progesterone For Preterm Labor

In the early stages of pregnancy, Progesterone assists uterus growth as well as protecting your body from contractions that are severe. If you happen to experience contractions that are repetitive during the first days of your pregnancy, it often results in a miscarriage. In later stages in pregnancy, Progesterone injections or Progesterone suppositories assist with breast milk production and improve the health of your lungs. With an enhancement in lung health, you are able to provide sufficient oxygen to the fetus.

Vaginal Progesterone

When you are carrying one baby inside your womb, the treatment of vaginal Progesterone can drastically reduce the dangers of premature birth. It can also treat the condition known as a short cervix and assist you in healthier childbirth.

What Are Progesterone Suppositories?

One of the popular methods to take Progesterone involves vaginal insertion. They come in 3 main forms which include suppositories, a gel, and tablets. You should not experience any pain or discomfort when you insert these suppositories into your vagina.

You may be instructed by your doctor to place these suppositories inside your vagina two to three times daily for a period of around 10 weeks. Gradually as time goes by, these Progesterone suppositories will dissolve. This method is regarded as safe and one of the more effective methods to use to avoid or prevent preterm labor.

As stated previously, we instruct the women we work with to insert them right prior to going to sleep for the night and this has worked very well and excellent results.

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