Progesterone Suppositories Used During Pregnancy http://drthomaslodi.com We help women by giving them progesterone suppositories so they can hold a pregnancy to term. There are a lot of women who can become pregnant but then have a hard time holding the pregnancy to term and end up having spontaneous abortions. The leading cause of this is women not having enough progesterone. We give women who are having a hard time holding their pregnancies progesterone suppositories that they insert before they go to sleep and this works really well. They are then able to carry pregnancies to term where they couldn’t before. The reason why progesterone is so important when it comes to holding the pregnancy to term is because it is part of the growing of the fetus and maintaining that environment. If women have low progesterone, the pregnancy is not able to hang on. Progesterone suppositories are a very simple fix for holding pregnancies to term.    • Health and Disease      / @drthomaslodi  

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