What Is The Perfect Food For Humans?

This is a very important question because eating is something we do every day. The perfect food for humans is without a doubt wheatgrass, all greens, and green juice. Think about what we call the beast of burden; horses, elephants, oxen, hippos, etc.

All these powerful strong animals, the grass is their main meal. When people eat dead animals, they think they are going to be really healthy as a result of eating a grass-fed corpse. Having this in mind, my thought was why don’t we become grass-fed.

The most powerful animals on the planet that have the most endurance and also live the longest are grass-fed. It’s like the seed itself; in the seed is the whole future history of the plant. For example, let’s take a tomato seed, within that seed we have the potential to grow leaves, stems, and of course tomatoes. This is just “potential” until it begins to sprout and aspects of it actually come to life.

This is why we soak our nuts. When we consume nuts, we don’t eat them raw. We soak them and help awaken them so we gain the nutritional benefits as a result. The “soaking” helps eliminate the enzyme that keeps them from sprouting at the wrong time.

The question, what is food, depends on what species we are talking about? When we look at the universe, we can see that everything is consuming something. The universe is this interconnected mass of consuming elements. And, whatever it’s consuming it’s turning into energy.

The Perfect Food For Humans Explained By Dr. Lodi

Eating is an exchange of energy. If you then want to say, what is food for us? You have to say first, well, what are we? The answer is, we are mammals and we are land mammals at that. We are part of a group called primates and to go even further, we are in a sub-group called hominids.

Now we are getting pretty specific, so who are the other hominids in our sub-group? There are gorillas, orangutans, chimps, and us, that’s it. It’s important to remember why we are talking about the consumption of food.

The perfect foods for humans are all greens, wheatgrass, fruits, nuts, etc. just as for our hominid friends. Dead animal corpses, processed foods, things in cans and packages are not foods we should be eating.

Every organism, every aspect of the universe exists to perform a specific function and the universe is an incredibly complex functional unit.

Let’s define what health is? Health is when an organism is said to have optimal functioning. Health is not the absence of something; it is the actual presence of something. And that something is to procreate, regenerate and rejuvenate.

Every organism has a function. A bacterium has a function; yeast and fungus have a function. Everything in nature happens for one reason only and that one reason is called necessity. The universe functions out of necessity; there is no other reason for it. It’s not a moral issue.

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