people don't think they are part of naturePeople Don’t Think They Are Part Of Nature And That Is Incredibly Dangerous In Regards To Humanities Future.

Let me show it to you with this particular example. You go to the zoo and you’re having fun taking a look at the animals in their cages, right?

After that, you decide to have a snack and you’re at the snack bar eating and as you’re eating you see there’s a large sign that says “please do not feed this to the pets they will get sick and die”.

People don’t offer it another thought. The reason they don’t is due to the fact that they do not believe they are part of that system, you know, nature.

People don’t even consider that relevant and so they say, all right, I won’t feed it to the animals; I’ll give it to my children though. Once more, people believe we are not part of nature; this is quite profound, not fascinating or interesting, profound!

Thus the reason humanity is out of equilibrium and our culture is so sick.

People Don’t Think They Are Part Of Nature And That Is Just Crazy

Earth, with its rivers, mountains, and trees, silent canyons, babbling brooks, and lush green gardens! If you spend any time in nature, you’ve probably noticed that you feel happier while you’re out in it, experiencing it rather than being indoors.

Why is that? One of the more popular theories is the “biophilia hypothesis,” which indicates that we love nature because we evolved in it. We need it for our psychological well-being because it’s part of our DNA. This theory makes sense to me. What is it about nature and our relationship to it that brings us so much happiness?

There are many reasons that nature makes us feel good and whether you call it God, Earth Mother, the Great Mystery, or by some other name, nature connects you with this powerful, loving presence. Nature brings you closer to our own spirit and to Spirit. Nature heals and helps us to live meaningful lives full of joy and happiness.

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