Ozone Therapy Has Been Used Clinically Since The 1940s And Is Effective In Treating Cancer.

The beauty of oxidative therapies is they are exactly what normal and healthy cells need and require to function optimally. Conversely, cancer cells are not able to handle oxygen from a metabolic point of view and can’t survive in this environment.

Ozone Therapy Benefits Are Numerous Hence The Reason Why These Treatments Are Part Of Our Comprehensive Cancer Care Program.

The benefits from ozone treatments are many and we are going to walk you through why that is here in this article.

Here are three extremely efficient oxidative therapies we administer at our healing center. The three therapies we use; ozone treatment, hydrogen peroxide as well as ultraviolet blood irradiation.

We are going to talk specifically about ozone therapy here today and its many advantages. What exactly is ozone? It is unstable oxygen. Oxygen is in our environment and at the time the ultraviolet light from the sun comes in contact with it, it splits an O2 into an O1. When the O1 or oxygen that’s a single atom joins with an existing O2, it then becomes an O3 or ozone.

Ozone or O3 as previously stated before is unsteady and will absolutely change back to O2 and be the steady form of oxygen. This is why we have what’s called an “ozone layer” over the entire planet. Speaking from a clinical point of view, ozone has actually been utilized for 70 plus years now and counting.

Ozone Therapy Benefits Are Vast And Powerful

Here are some of the many advantages of using ozone therapy;

Metabolically Cancer Is Not Able To Handle Ozone 

Another major benefit of ozone is that it oxidizes our white blood cells. This happens because it is a very oxidative molecule. Our white blood cells go out and do their job which is producing anti-inflammatory cytokines which cancer cells are just not able to handle.

It’s important to bear in mind that chronic inflammation is the precursor to developing cancer. Ozone therapy is effective in treating people with cancer because it challenges cancer cells with its anti-inflammatory makeup.

Our cancer care program School of Health is comprehensive and there’s a reason for that. Overcoming cancer is achieved by a myriad of treatments, therapies, lifestyle, and diet. This is why we are truly the only resource that offers these complete, comprehensive cancer treatments.

And remember, whatever is required to overcome cancer and restore health is also required to maintain true health.

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