Optimal Human FunctioningWhat Is Our Optimal Human Functioning, We Don’t Know.

What we do know is that Einstein used only 8% of his brain. And, Tesla used only 9% of his which is far from optimal human functioning, wouldn’t you agree?

We have men in Machu Picchu who are fathering children at the young age of 110 and there is no Viagra involved. There are also the Hunza people in various parts of Pakistan and India, both men and women, who are running up and down hills at the age of 120 and 130.

We have no idea what our true potential is, nor do we know what our human niche is. An anthropologist would say that all the evidence points to all humans originating out of North Africa. This has to do with equatorial zones.

If you look at humans from a biblical point of view, then we all came from Eden. And, where is Eden? Eden is in Iraq. Isn’t Iraq all sand? What’s under the sand? Oil is under the sand and what is oil, it is compressed vegetation.

At one point in time, Iraq was a lush place and it got buried. The entire Middle East became buried under the sand. The Middle East was all lush vegetation at one time in our history.

What Is Optimal Human Functioning Listen In To Dr. Lodi Discuss This Topic

That’s what made the oil, the carbon, and all that came with it. If you look at us biblically or scientifically, we are sub-equatorial or equatorial creatures.

It makes sense because our closest cousins are the Gorilla’s, Chimps, and Orangutan’s and that’s where they come from, they don’t come from Alaska. And what do they eat, they eat vegetables, plants, and fruits.

They are designed to eat this food and so are we as humans. To achieve optimal human functioning beyond the levels of Einstein and Tesla would require that we plug back into nature.

Humans are disconnected from nature, unlike animals. We keep moving further away which is not good for the long-term survival of our race.

We need to live in harmony with nature, eat a whole food plant-based diet and go to bed much earlier than most people do today.  These are just the simple basic things that need to happen first.

Beyond that, there is so much more that needs to happen across the planet to increase human potential. It’s going to take a huge coordinated effort to have this come to fruition and a massive reversal of how things currently work on this planet.

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