Natural Remedies For Insulin ResistanceDr. Thomas Lodi Has Natural Remedies For Insulin Resistance That Help Reverse That Condition.

We have solutions for people who would rather explore natural remedies for insulin resistance versus going the route of synthetic prescription drugs which cause a lot of damage internally. Doing things involving natural solutions is always best so your body can focus on healing and not be distracted by adverse side effects.

We take the time to educate people and teach them how the body works. We show people what the body needs and why it needs it. Our center has a passion for helping teach people how to eat so health is maintained.

Our diet for people consists of a raw plant-based vegan diet that is organic and uncooked. Our results have shown that adopting this way of eating can help restore health on its own.

However, we don’t stop there. Studies also show that exercise is a key piece in maintaining health. When you leave our center and return home, you bring this knowledge home with you for your benefit as well as your families.

Exercise is crucial for good health. Now, don’t worry, we aren’t talking about turning you into an Olympic athlete having you exercise 8 hours a day. That is not needed. We simply want to increase your cardiopulmonary fitness level.

What we are talking about is doing things like walking, maybe a little running, riding a bicycle, and so on. We help integrate these things into your lifestyle for maximum benefit.

Not exercising on a regular basis prevents the cleansing of the waste that builds up around your cells. Eliminating the waste around the cells through physical activity is a must and can’t be ignored.

Natural Remedies For Insulin Resistance Start With What You’re Putting In Your Mouth

People who become insulin resistant can end up with Type II diabetes. The human body will become insulin resistant if it’s fed an excessive amount of sugar. The human body will create resistance in order to protect itself.

Eating large quantities consistently of things like bread, sugar, pasta, rice, and muffins, etc., are immediately broken once consumed into glucose. The end result of consuming excessive quantities of these types of starchy foods consistently can result in death.

When excessive glucose is being produced in the body, it protects itself by then becoming insulin resistant to prevent sugar from entering the cells. Glucose would, in fact, stay in the blood, it just wouldn’t enter into the cells.

This is the process of how Type II diabetes is created internally. Glucose metabolism can only work from the insulin entering the cell.

Nutrition and exercise are pieces of our comprehensive program. We have many other pieces that include lymphatic drainage through massage, hydrotherapy, and many more therapies and treatments.

All of these therapies and treatments assist in the removal of toxins that have accumulated over the years. At the same time you detox these toxins, you nourish your body with food that contains the nutrients needed and that contains very little glucose.

We help you reverse your condition of being insulin resistant naturally.

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