Natural Human Instincts No Longer Exist

Natural Human Instincts No Longer ExistNatural Human Instincts Have Vanished From Humanity.

No creature on this earth or flying above the earth ever asks the following question but humans do. You will never see a dog asks its mother, is this okay to eat? Animals are connected to nature and God, we are not, natural human instincts have disappeared.

Do you think horses have seminars and debates about what is the right thing for them to eat? Do you think they do blood tests on each other to determine the blood type, so they eat the correct food for that type?

There is no creature on the planet that needs to ask what to eat. Nor do they have to ask when to go to sleep or how to interact. Humans don’t know how to do any of this.

People don’t know what to eat, we don’t know when to go to sleep and we don’t know how to interact with one and other. In fact, humans can’t agree on anything.

The reason for this is because we are cut off from God and nature and the other creatures are not. All other creatures are connected to God. They don’t have to pray, and they don’t have to meditate. They are in continual communion with God.

For animals, the mind and the ego are not in the way. What are the strands of the web that connect all creatures to God, called? It’s called instinct. Humans no longer have instinct, why is that?

Natural Human Instincts Are Disconnected During Childhood

How is it that a flock of birds turn in unison while flying at exactly the same time? Did the birds rehearse it? How does the butterfly know what flower to go to? Did they go to school? Is there a special school for animals?

How does a spider know how to design a web? Humans have to go to school to learn how to make a table. Natural human instincts have left us and why is this?

We start by teaching our kids within the first few months of their lives the three things we love to tell them. No, don’t and stop! We do this over and over again. A child at one year old is not bad and they are not doing evil things.

What are children at one year of age doing, they are acting out of instinct. What is our response to the children about their instinct? That’s it’s bad. We say don’t do that, no, stop that.

By the time children are four years old, they don’t know what to do and are always asking their parents, is this okay? In the end, what are we teaching our children to do with this barrage of no’s, don’ts, and stops?

We are teaching them to lie. When a parent asks, who ate the cupcake? The child who did eat it says, I didn’t do it. We, as parents end up requiring our children to lie and we reward it. The best liars win and they wind up in the White House.

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