Mind Body Spirit Connection DefinitionThe Mind Body Spirit Connection Definition By Dr. Thomas Lodi.

We have to go back to Dr. Sigmund Freud when talking about the mind. Freud came up with the ID Ego and Super Ego. The ID Ego is the basic fundamental desire like hunger and the Super-Ego says, eat that, not this. The mind-body-spirit connection definition is there are three aspects of the same thing, energy is the same as matter.

When we use the word ego, like when we say, “he has a big ego”, what we are really mean is vanity. It’s not ego, the ego is the CEO. It is the executor of action.

We separate the mind into these three separate entities, mind, body, and spirit and they are not separate. There are three different processes that they are using in order to talk about it.

It’s important to understand that the terms don’t mean that somewhere there is located an ID, Ego, and Super Ego in different locations. This is not true, these are just terms used to discuss it.

This also applies to the mind, body, and spirit. Let’s think about it, where would you say that the mind ends, and the body begins? Where does the spirit connect to something or come into play?

They are all interwoven and they are just three aspects of one thing. They are broken into three things just, so people can talk about it. It gives you a vocabulary.

The Mind Body Spirit Connection Definition Explained On Video

We all know that E=MC2 which was Einstein’s conclusion which was a mathematically proven realization that energy and matter are the same. Mind = Body. What is the mind? The mind is energy and it is affecting the body.

Let’s talk about human perception or figure, ground, and context. Humans don’t think about the context or the ground, we think about the figure. An artist knows that when they make something bigger, it looks closer.

Something out of context has no meaning. Without context it’s meaningless. This is something humans don’t understand in the way they live their daily lives and the way they perceive things. Everything requires context.

An artist knows this as they take great pains to draw the background. To draw the mountain that the rabbit is running up so the context is given.

The physical universe is also known as the phenomenal universe, exists in polarities. What I mean by this is “up” has no meaning without “down”. A front has no meaning without a back. These pairings give each other meaning and existence.

In the physical world, everything exists in polarities. It’s interesting because this is how we learn. We learn by contrast. The reality of the physical world is duality.

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