Metabolic Medicine Working To Fight Cancer https://drthomaslodi.com/metabolic-me… I want to discuss the Metabolic Medicine approach to working with cancer as it is very relevant and important to understand. The conventional way of working with cancer is a military approach. What happens in the conventional approach is the Doctor is the General, the tumor is the enemy, the nurses and technicians are the soldiers and there’s a battle that’s fought. Unfortunately, the battleground is the human body and the collateral damage is what we see right in front of our eyes, which is tragic. The end result is most people die from the “treatment” when following the conventional path. Using metabolic medicine is quite different in that we use substances from nature, not synthetic but from nature, that challenge the cancer cells based on their metabolic limitations and capabilities. Here’s an important part to grasp, when a cell becomes cancerous it loses the ability to use oxygen. And when there’s no longer any oxygen coming in, then no oxidative by-products are being produced so the cell down-regulates and stops producing anti-oxidant enzymes. If you put the cell in a position where it needs these antioxidant enzymes and it doesn’t have them, the cell will die. And, that’s great because healthy cells have these enzymes. When a particular metabolic therapy, such as high-dose vitamin C therapy, is used, good things happen. High-dose vitamin c has been proven and shown in studies published by the FDA and the National Cancer Institute to create peroxide in tissues. These cancer cells can’t convert the peroxides into water and oxygen and they die. These cancer cells are targeted in a metabolic way and not a military way. There are lots of different metabolic therapies that are based on botanicals. These metabolic medicines challenge and defeat cancer cells naturally, not synthetically and that is why it’s so important to understand how it fits into the whole process of healing from cancer. Integrative oncology is in fact the “whole process” that needs to be followed. You may use these additional search phrases to find us on the internet in relation to this subject; Metabolic Medicine An Integrated Approach To Fight Cancer, Metabolic Medicine Fighting Cancer, Metabolic Medicine The Answer To Cancer, Metabolic Medicine Review, Metabolic Medicine An Overview, Metabolic Medicine An Integrated Approach, Metabolic Medicine, Metabolic Medicine Therapies, Metabolic Medicine Today’s Integrative Approach, Metabolic Medicine Vs Cancer, Metabolic Medicine Center, Metabolic Medicine Consultant, Metabolic Medicine Career, Metabolic Medicine Definition, Metabolic Medicine Institute, Metabolic Medicine Journal, Metabolic Medicine Specialist, Metabolic Medicine Means, Metabolic Medicine Society, Metabolic Medicine Training.    • Metabolic Medicine An Overview      / thomaslodimd  

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