The Metabolic Approach To Cancer

Metabolic Approach To Cancer

I Wanted To Take The Time And Explain The Metabolic Approach To Cancer We Utilize

In order to survive cancer, it is imperative to change your metabolism. The research tells us clearly that cancer is a metabolic disease. Cancer is not a nuclear disease as conventional medicine would like you to believe. Cancer is not caused by a genetic defect and therefore understanding the metabolic approach to cancer is essential.

Currently, society at large operates on glucose metabolism. In comparison, like babies being breastfed, we were operating on ketones, not glucose. This simply means that we used much more fat than sugar. Primarily operating on fat is what is known as a ketogenic diet.

Energy production can come from either fat or sugar (glucose). Most of society is on glucose metabolism and therein lies the problem and the reason for these spikes in health conditions and illnesses. The reason for conditions like diabetes and heart disease for example is a result of the glucose metabolism operating out of the normal range.

Portion control in the US and abroad is out of control and continues to get worse with the super-sizing of everything fast food-related. Much of what is contributing to what is called impaired glucose metabolism is simply people eating too much. Society is consuming too much food each and every time they eat.

The Metabolic Approach To Cancer Is Fundamental To Restoring And Maintaining Health

People don’t understand that they can die from consuming too much glucose. Our body defends itself from this glucose over consumption and things like diabetes develop. Nothing good in terms of health comes from consuming too much glucose.

However, glucose is essential to us but only in moderation. Insulin resistance is created in the body as a result of having to protect itself from glucose overconsumption. What happens over time from too much glucose is the body stops producing as many insulin receptors as it normally would and diabetes is the result.

Cancer cells will do anything they can to consume more sugar as their entire metabolism changes. They are insatiable glucose eaters which is why a ketogenic diet is so important while attempting to heal from cancer.

The metabolic approach to cancer using metabolic medicine is to confront cancer cells taking into consideration all their known limitations. We are then able to test cancer with a metabolic challenge where healthy cells handle that test extremely well; however, to the cancer cells, it is deadly.

When you compare this to the conventional medical model, they are 180 degrees apart. Conventional medicine uses chemo and/or radiation which attempts to kill the cancer cells with poison. This approach is incredibly harmful to all cells and leaves lasting damage.

The takeaway here is to make sure you are eating non-processed whole foods that contribute to health. If you wish to return to good health and maintain it, then changing what you are consuming is critical. Focus on the amount of food, the frequency, and the quality of the food you are eating. Eating this way needs to be a permanent part of your lifestyle.

An essential part of what we do is educate you on this so you use it for the rest of your life.

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