Metabolic Approach To Cancer Therapy https://drthomaslodi.com/metabolic-ap… I’d like to talk about the metabolic approach to cancer therapy we use in our programs. Changing one’s metabolism is essential when it comes to surviving cancer long-term. We know based on all the research out there now that cancer is a metabolic disease and not a nuclear disease. This simply means that cancer is not caused by a genetic defect. All of us run on a glucose metabolism today. When we are breastfed as infants we run on ketones meaning that there is more fat than sugar. This is basically called a ketogenic diet. Energy can be derived from fat or glucose and the majority of people are on glucose metabolism. When the glucose metabolism gets out of the normal healthy range is when we start to see conditions like diabetes and heart disease. This really boils down to eating too much food or overeating which is called impaired glucose metabolism. The body then tries to defend itself because it can be killed by too much glucose. Glucose can be bad news. Glucose is important but in moderation just like everything else. The body in defending itself from too much glucose becomes what’s called insulin resistant. It then down-regulates and doesn’t make as many insulin receptors and this is what diabetes is. Cancer cells are ravenous glucose eaters and they do everything they can to get more sugar as their whole metabolism changes. Metabolic therapies challenge cancer cells based on our knowledge of their limitations. We can then present cancer with a metabolic challenge that to a healthy cell is handled very well but to the cancer cell, it is lethal. This is a completely different view than poisoning the cancer cell with a toxin such as chemotherapy or using radiation. The bottom line is people have to change their diets if they wish to restore and maintain health. People need to work on the volume, frequency, and quality of food and it needs to become part of their lifestyle. We teach and educate people on how to do just that at our healing center so they can take what they learned here and bring it home with them to use for the rest of their lives.    • Metabolic Medicine An Overview      / @drthomaslodi  

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