medicine for cancerTaking Medicine For Cancer Is Necessary At Present Because In My Opinion There Is A Lack Of Faith And Understanding.

Let me share why one who has faith and knowledge, requires no medicine for cancer. This story as an example of tremendous faith exhibited by an individual. A woman came to see me in June of 2001. She had stage 4 advanced cancer all over her body and a large breast mass.

She said that she didn’t want to do anything other than the lifestyle your talking about which is whole raw foods and green juicing. She didn’t want any intravenous vitamin c treatments or anything like that.

I asked if she would just come back to see me monthly so I could examine her mass and she said yes. Each time she came to see me, she was getting better and better and able to do more and more. In January of 2002, 6 months later she had an unfortunate fatal car accident.

When they did an autopsy, they found no cancer! If you were to ask her if she needed a pill, well, you know the answer. Simply amazing that there was no cancer and sad that we lost her in that car accident.

In all my experience, I have rarely met someone with that level of knowledge and faith. We are actually sitting in the “magic pill”, it’s our bodies. Our body is the magic pill and contains all the medicine we could ever need.

Our bodies magically heal. We cut it and it heals. Are you aware of anything artificially made that heals itself? How about a $20B space shuttle, a Maserati or a Stealth bomber, can they heal themselves, no they can’t.

Is Medicine For Cancer The Answer Or Is It Reconnecting With Nature 

What are we looking for when we take medicine or a pill? We are looking for healing and the healing is in us. The body is always healing, we need to learn to get out of the way.

Will pharmaceuticals ever be a thing of the past? I say yes, they will. I view pharmaceuticals the same way I view snake oil salesman. The snake oil salesman used to say, take this pill or portion and it will cure what ails you. The idea that the snake oil salesman or the modern day pharmaceutical industry is the answer is crazy, neither one works.

And, this is how you know their model doesn’t work. If doctors knew what they were doing then hospitals would be empty today. Instead there is waiting room only!

Let’s take an example of high blood pressure. The conventional model would have you take a drug to bring it down and within normal limits. The alternative or traditional model would give you an IV of magnesium. Magnesium would lower the blood pressure immediately without any harm.

In most cases except trauma and surgery, there is a natural way to deal with these conditions. Even with heart attacks, Dr. Farr showed us that you can reverse them with hydrogen peroxide injections. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural substance that every cell makes.

Bottom line is pharmaceuticals are based on a false belief.  We are all at varying degrees away from optimal functioning. Optimal functioning of the organism is health. We need to stay as close to nature and natural methods as possible to attain and maintain health.

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