Is Having A Mastectomy Procedure One That Is Needed In Attempting To Prevent Breast Cancer?

No, it is not needed. What is needed is a thorough understanding of how to live a healthy life which in turn works as a natural preventative for cancer, period! Having a mastectomy procedure is needless mutilation of a women’s body that is completely insane. Women are misinformed when it comes to breast cancer. More education is needed so they can make intelligent decisions for their body and health.

Unfortunately, when celebrities opt for a preventative mastectomy procedure instead of understanding all of their health options, the public tends to follow what celebrities do and it’s a shame.

For the sake of argument let’s say a woman has a specific gene that makes them more susceptible to being diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer. And, they decide to have their breasts, uterus, and ovaries removed because of this.

The woman is thinking as a result of this surgery that she has protected herself from developing these cancers. However, what has actually happened is she now has the same risk for being diagnosed with colon or pancreatic cancer. She can’t have her pancreas or colon removed as she needs those to survive.

What does BRCA stand for, Breast Cancer susceptibility gene. When there are double-stranded DNA that are broken, a repair mechanism is available to help with this situation. All of our DNA is in fact double-stranded. If a faulty repair mechanism is present, this is what is labeled as a BRCA gene.

A Mastectomy Procedure For Breast Cancer Is A Tragic Result Of Medical Science

It’s important to understand that both women and men have BRCA genes where there are some that are faulty and some that function normally. The BRCA gene can be inherited from either your mother or father and it can be passed onto a daughter or son.

Every gene has two chromosomes. If you happen to inherit a chromosome that is defective, the other healthy chromosome has to develop enough of a toxic overload to become a fully faulty repair mechanism for DNA. This is very hard to achieve and is not to be feared by people.

Let’s play this out for a minute, a person goes ahead and has the body parts mentioned above removed. Ultimately, what needs to be done is what should have been done by this person from the very beginning; eat healthily, get proper rest, detox regularly, etc. These are the real preventative natural things that need to be done in order to either prevent cancer from being produced or stop cancer from continuing to be produced.

It’s critically important to note that when a person has an organ removed in the name of prevention, they are not exempt from that specific cancer. Removing body parts prophylactically is a tragic consequence of medical science. I have met and talked with hundreds and maybe even thousands of women with end up crying because they realized that they did not have to be mutilated before they found us.

Our treatments work within the biological laws of nature and bring no harm to the people using our comprehensive cancer care program.

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