Making New Cells In The Body

Making New CellsMaking News Cells In Our Bodies Happens At A Mind-Blowing Pace Every Second.

Our body has over one trillion cells and we lose a fair amount of them daily. However, making new cells in the body happens in much greater frequency and volume than I think most people realize.

Humans produce 2 to 3 million cells every second of every day. That’s why it’s so important to keep cell membrane health in mind in your everyday lifestyle. The food you consume is what is used to help create these new cells.

If you are consuming junk, processed or fast food consistently, then you will not be making very healthy cells moving forward, will you? Whole food nutrition is key to help maintain optimal health.

As a result of the millions of cells being produced every second, we actually produce a new body every six months. So, what is it that is needed to actually make a cell.

Well, when a new cell is to be made, the skin is required because that is what is needed to separate it from all other cells. Healthy fats become an important part of our diet because certain parts of the cell, as well as the skin, need it, so they can create and survive.

Now, for the cell to maintain proper function and have the ability to create brand new cells, where does it get the stuff it needs?  The cells receives the stuff it needs from the whole foods we consume.

What should we be eating in order to make sure we produce healthy cells? We need to be consuming specific types of oils and fats. Let me ask you this, do you think you can get these particular fats and oils by eating pizza, burgers and fries and fried chicken?

Making New Cells Must Come From Healthy Fats

The answer should be obvious, no you can’t get anything the body needs from burgers, pizza, and processed foods. We can’t absorb any healthy fats from animal meat.

In addition, if people do eat meat and cook it, the fat from that meat turns into trans fatty acids which the body can’t use. The cells need a particular amount of energy to function properly. The capacitor maintains this energy. If the parts that make up the capacitor are garbage, it won’t be able to hold a charge.

If the cells aren’t able to obtain what they require, they will break down. What follows are conditions such as chronic fatigue and many other chronic illnesses.

No matter the condition or illness that you are dealing with, the first step to take in order to thoroughly clean out the body is stop eating. Next, it’s important to continue this cleansing by following a diet high in fat.

The total amount of fat should be in the 50 to 60 percent range in your diet. Follow this diet for nine to twelve months. Why is this important to follow?

The reason it’s important is because all the cell membranes in your body need to be replaced. Eat fats that were made by nature and designed for humans. Examples of these healthy fats are coconut oil, avocado’s, seeds and nuts.

We teach this lifestyle at An Oasis of Healing. People who visit us learn this lifestyle while they are with us and then take it home with them to maintain their health.

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