Mainstream Medicine Doesn’t Work

mainstream medicine doesn't workDr. Thomas Lodi Was Mentioned And Quoted In This Article On Why Mainstream Medicine Doesn’t Work.

We wanted to share this article on why mainstream medicine doesn’t work as this is so important to understand and why you truly need a third opinion when it comes to cancer.

Enjoy this article that was originally posted on the Myeclinik website.

We’ve been saying these things all the time… Conventional Medicine doesn’t work, is dangerous and deadly, needlessly costly, and outright useless!

Mainstream medicine is based on poison chemicals, profit-oriented, and outside the realm of Good Science. Clinical trials are either doctored or deliberately ignored to suit a particular agenda. The government itself is not serving the people’s agenda but only those of the corporations.

Mainstream medicine is fully documented to kill rather than save lives.

The discovery of antibiotic resistance marked the end of mainstream medicine.

Now, some doctors are beginning to say the same thing.


mainstream medicine doesn't work

Dr. Thomas Lodi realized that he “could no longer ethically practice conventional medicine.” He has spoken about healing cancer naturally all over the world.

Does it make sense if I told you, “You’re really sick. I’ve got an idea, let me poison you?”

Dr. Farid Fata, a prominent cancer doctor in Michigan, admitted in court to intentionally and wrongfully diagnosing healthy people with cancer. Fata also admitted to giving them chemotherapy drugs for the purpose of making a profit. The cancer doctor’s guilty plea shocked many in the courtroom, according to The Detroit Free Press. Fata owned Michigan Hematology Oncology, which had multiple offices throughout Detroit’s suburbs. Fata’s reach included offices in Clarkston, Bloomfield Hills, Lapeer, Sterling Heights, Troy, and Oak Park, Michigan. The doctor stated his plea in the absence of a plea deal and with tearful eyes, according to CBS News.

“It is my choice,” Fata said on Tuesday of his guilty plea.

In the Detroit courtroom, the cancer doctor named numerous, dangerous drugs that he prescribed to his patients. With each admittance, he stated, “I knew that it was medically unnecessary.”

U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade will seek life in prison for what she called “the most egregious” health care fraud case she has ever seen. McQuade said that in addition to insurance fraud, which involved a $35-million Medicare fraud scheme from 2009 until the present, Fata also harmed, and in some cases subsequently killed, his patients with dangerous chemotherapy drugs they did not need. According to government records, Fata’s medical practice included 1,200 patients. The formerly prominent cancer doctor will be sentenced in February before U.S. District Judge Paul Borman. The doctor’s bond was set at $9 million.

“In this case, we had Dr. Fata administering chemotherapy to people who didn’t need it, essentially putting poison into their bodies and telling them that they had cancer when they didn’t have cancer,” the prosecutor told the Detroit Free Press. “The idea that a doctor would lie to a patient just to make money is shocking… Dr. Fata was unique in that he saw patients not as people to heal, but as commodities to exploit.”

To read the balance of Dr. Fata’s story and see others like it go here for the original source of the article.

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