lymphatic drainage therapyLymphatic Drainage Therapy Is One Of The Healthiest Things You Could Do For Yourself In Cleansing Your Body.

Lymphatic drainage therapy is the process of eliminating the body from its blockages or congestion. Once free of congestion the body and all its systems can work optimally. These systems are the lymphatic system, the urinary system, and all other systems working constantly in the body. This therapy will certainly help develop optimal health.

Being an energetic healing modality, the way this therapy works is each time you come in for a treatment, it builds cumulatively on the last treatment. We will go a little deeper, we’re going to release a little extra for each treatment. The built-up congestion in your body didn’t happen all of a sudden and therefore can’t be eliminated overnight either. It took you years to accumulate it, so it’s going to take us a little bit of time to eradicate it and have your body working as it should at an optimal level.

We recommend that you have a minimum of 3 treatments a week. You most likely won’t notice much of anything during your first week of lymphatic treatments. In fact, you might not really feel much of anything. The treatment itself is very relaxing and enjoyable. It’s a calming therapy.

Like a massage, the treatment entails hands being run lightly over the body, however, that’s where the similarity ends. For the actual treatment, you’ll be laying on a massage therapy table without your clothes. It’s like you’re getting an actual massage, however, it’s not a massage. It’s a wonderful stress-relieving treatment.

As your body develops energy because of the treatments and starts working in unison with it, you will absolutely begin to observe some changes. You’ll notice that your body is functioning slightly better, that you’re feeling better, that you’re sleeping sounder, and that things are simply starting to move a little bit better. You will also start to see those benefits. It’s a collective effect where the more treatments you receive the larger the positive health impact on your body.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Explained

For each successive treatment, we’ll be getting much deeper into detoxing your lymphatic system. While you’re at our healing center, we’re going to schedule you for as many lymphatic system drainage treatments as we can do to get as far as we possibly can in your treatment progress. What you’re receiving in just one therapy session with the lymphatic drainage treatment you would need eight regular massages to achieve close to the same results.

Another substantial benefit of this treatment is this therapy is creating cellular memory. In effect, we’re teaching the body to work as efficiently as possible. We’re reminding the immune system as well as the lymphatic system ways to operate where they’re working at their best! This will assist you in being a lot more successful in restoring your health.

Lymphatic drainage therapy is one of the many highly effective alternate cancer treatments that we discuss and inform people of in our online video course about cancer. This effective therapy as well as many others is part of our comprehensive cancer care program. After completing our course you will have knowledge in hand that will enable you to stay with this way of life at home.

An important point to consider, why would you want to continue the exact same lifestyle when you return home that lead you to our center in the first place? It just makes good sense to continue at home what you learned during your stay with us.

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