Low Dose Chemotherapy Or IPT Predates Chemotherapy

low dose chemotherapyLow Dose Chemotherapy Or IPT Targets Cancer Cells Directly And Does No Harm To Normal Healthy Cells.

Low dose chemotherapy or insulin potentiation therapy (IPTLD) originated from Mexico. A Canadian physician, Dr. Steven Ayre, residing in the United States is credited with bringing this efficient non conventional cancer therapy to the US in the 1990’s.

The Garcia family of physicians from Mexico are credited with the creation of low dose chemotherapy or IPT. Dr. Ayre worked together with the Donato Garcia family evolving the Insulin Potentiation therapy to what is widely used today.

IPT is based on solid scientific research. What’s unknown to the majority of the populace is that IPT actually precedes conventional chemo.

Cancer is a cluster of cells that have transformed and gone rogue. These cells are fermenting and have different demands and requirements. One demand is the requirement of a great deal of sugar or glucose. It is known that cancer cells require 19 times more sugar compared to regular cells.

Now, so as to get even more sugar, the process of increasing the response to a stimulus or upregulation produces enzymes such as insulin receptors. Insulin receptors are more prevalent with cancer cells versus normal cells. It’s important to understand that when eating foods containing glucose or sugar, cancer cells will be the first to eat.

To additionally show this point, IPT has actually been utilized and remains in use by the standard medical world as an analysis tool. Medical professionals use a PET scan exam which follows the IPT model. When a PET scan is given, people are given a dose of a radioactive sugar called fluoro deoxyglucose.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy Or Low Dose Chemotherapy Explained By Dr. Thomas Lodi

Once administered, there is a wait of about 60 minutes and after you are checked to see if there is a quick acceptance of sugar anywhere in the body which would indicate cancer is present. When the intake goes above a certain amount, cancer is diagnosed to be present.

Low dose chemo or IPT is utilized as a Trojan horse and is deadly to cancer. People are instructed not to eat the night before this treatment and come into our center on an empty stomach the next morning. They are administered an appropriate amount of insulin based upon specific health conditions and also their weight.

The quantity of insulin administered during a typical treatment is equal to what a person would receive from consuming a regular meal. It ends up being a very small amount of insulin. The objective is to get cancer cells to open up so they consume the drugs which are deadly to them. The goal is not to have a person get sick from this treatment.

Why is the goal to have the cancer cells open up? Because insulin receptors are more concentrated in cancer cells and we know they will eat first before regular healthy cells.

We then have the individual eat something which brings this process to an end and returns the body to normal insulin production. No one in the world has ever passed away as a result of low dose chemotherapy or insulin potentiation therapy. Unfortunately that can’t be said for other therapies being utilized today.

People obtain the wonderful benefits of this effective treatment while avoiding the horrendous known side effects of chemotherapy done conventionally.

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