Learn How To Heal From Cancer Naturally

learn how to heal from cancer naturallyLearn How To Heal From Cancer Naturally By Understanding What “Healing” Means

A person can learn how to heal from cancer naturally when they understand the brilliance of healing itself. When people understand their going to heal, that shows you they understand healing. To illustrate this point, if a person were to slice their finger while you’re cutting up some fruit, that person doesn’t believe it’s going to heal, they know it will heal. Faith can be defined as that “knowing”.

A person can believe in things that aren’t true, like the Easter bunny or the sandman. However, you don’t believe in mountains, you don’t believe in a baseball, a person either knows about them or you they don’t. That is the truth about healing.

Once you understand healing, you know that the body is doing this every second of every day. There are literally 150,000 chemical reactions in your body every second, all coordinated and harmonized where the end result is a fully functioning human body. You slice it, it heals.

You cut a BMW, it doesn’t heal. Airplanes cost millions to make, you cut one, they don’t heal. Our bodies heal naturally without any thought, they are pretty magical things. So, knowing they heal, understanding they heal is so…not believing, because remember, when you believe in something, you can only believe in something that’s not true.

I had a woman who was told that she had only three weeks in which to live. This woman suffered from breast cancer and it was also in both lungs. Her lungs were completely filled with cancer and they had her on oxygen. She couldn’t even go to the bathroom on her own.

She just grabbed both my arms and said “thank the Lord, now I know I’m going to heal” and that is exactly what she did. We received a card from her about 3 weeks ago, it’s been several years since we had heard from her. She and her husband were vacationing in Europe.

Learn How To Heal From Cancer Naturally Is Outlined In This Short Video

Knowing you are going to heal makes all the difference. We offer three things to help you eliminate cancer. First, we help teach you to stop making cancer, then we turn our attention to targeting cancer and destroying it without doing any harm to your body. And finally, we energize the immune system so it can do its job.

I don’t like using the word faith, I use the word faith because I know what it means. A lot of people get it mixed up with religion and things, but it’s a “knowing.” So, throughout the years what I’ve come to understand about cancer is that it’s a little dance that’s saving our lives and once we remove the reason why the body has to do it, it goes away. So I never am concerned that it’s not going to go away, no matter how bad it is. And people will call up with, “Hey, there have only been three cases in the world of this particular type of sarcoma.” That’s okay because when we do the right things, we heal, period.

If a person is told that they have diabetes, does that explain how that person became a diabetic or better yet, how they can get reverse it? No, a diagnosis does none of that, in fact, there is nothing mysterious about it. A diagnosis is simply the name of something. Looking at that something under a microscope is the same as taking a picture during a movie for that one scene and then trying to explain what the entire movie was about from that one image. It is impossible.

So here is the key takeaway, your body is always the healing process. Our role is to help assist the natural healing process, after all, your body is only interested in doing one thing, healing.

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