Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan https://drthomaslodi.com/ketogenic-di… We offer a comprehensive vegan ketogenic diet meal plan at An Oasis of Healing in Mesa, AZ. This vegan keto meal plan has been developed over the last decade and works well in helping people heal from cancer. Nutrition is a key piece of the overall cancer care plan we utilize successfully at our healing center. However, it should be noted, it is just a piece of the total plan as there is no magic bullet. The good news is if a vegan ketogenic diet meal plan is followed, amazing and very positive things happen in regards to health restoration. For example, once a person is in ketosis and there is not enough glucose on hand, the body will go on a scavenging hunt and look for glucose in the form of non-viable tissue. The body will grab, dissolve and re-cycle every cyst, plaque and tumor in order to pull glucose out of it and use as fuel for energy. This acts as a fantastic cleansing for the body as it rids itself of all the pathological tissue internally. If you want to clean your body out, get off the glucose roller coaster and get onto the smooth sailing ketosis boat, then this is the perfect solution!    • Food and Cancer      / @drthomaslodi  

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