Is Water Fasting Good for You https://drthomaslodi.com/water-fastin… Is water fasting good for you, well there is evidence to show it is healthy to do and highly effective. Water fasting is the ultimate way to rid the body of toxins and damaged tissues. Your tongue turning white will be what you will notice right away in the beginning of a water fast. When your tongue returns to pink will tell you that your water fast is now over. Real true hunger will be felt at the end of your water fast. The majority of the population has never experienced true hunger, so it does not return, people will feel it for the first time coming off a fast. In our society appetites are fed not hunger. A water fast can be customized to meet your desired goals. As an example, maintenance and prevention may be your main goal. For someone else, it may be Weightloss, etc. For all who wish to live a long life and avoid developing any type of disease then doing a water fast four times per year is what you want to do. Each water fast should be seven days as a minimum with fourteen days being the maximum. If you can and for ultimate effectiveness, match each water fast up to the change of seasons. There would be no accumulation of toxins in the body doing these fasts consistently year after year. So, is water fasting good for you? Doing one 4 times a year for at least 7 days each time would result in a lifespan of good health.    • Food and Cancer      / @drthomaslodi  

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