If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, and you realize that going to war against your body is not going to restore health, and actually cause the opposite effect, then you have been searching for a more rational path as offered in our School of Health and Long Life. What we provide is a path to healing that is in alignment with nature, one we are sure will resonate with you. Unfortunately, the information available on the internet is overwhelming and confusing with conflicting concepts vying for your consideration, leaving you confused and perhaps even panicked. It is for these reasons that we have produced a series of presentations and videos that identify the root causes of cancer and how to systematically eliminate them as well as replace the unhealthy, non-natural lifestyle habits that have come to define our lives with a way of living that is in harmony with our basic, human biology. The veracity or truth of what is presented in this series is immediately self-evident and provides a systematic and simple way to regain your birthright of health and vitality. The areas covered include: – Cause and true nature of cancer. – The nature of stress and its’ effect on health. – The central importance and value of sleeping naturally. – Cleansing the body – The natural human diet – Cleansing the mind along with practices to control the wandering doubt, fear and general negativity of the mind resulting in the control of stress and restoration of mental and emotional health and wellbeing. – Physical movement of the body to maintain optimal functioning of all organ systems. – Basic home practices to prepare delicious, human food. Please keep in mind that this video series includes the basic program that will allow you to begin your healing journey and the complete program will be forthcoming. However, this program alone is sufficient for those who follow every aspect and incorporate this knowledge and these skills into their everyday life. To schedule a consultation with Dr Lodi, visit https://drthomaslodi.com/consultations/ Learn more about the Stop Making Cancer online course here: https://drthomaslodi.com/online-course/ Be sure to follow Dr Lodi on Instagram:   / drthomaslodi   And Facebook:   / drthomaslodi  

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