Insulin Potentiation Therapy Is Part Of Integrated Oncology http://drthomaslodi.com Insulin potentiation therapy or IPT is a part of integrative oncology and is used successfully in treating cancer. Also known as low dose chemotherapy, wasn’t always named IPT. Dr Steven Ayre, a doctor from Canada residing in the United States who is credited for introducing this non-conventional cancer therapy to our country in the 1990’s. A family of medical physicians from Mexico created what has come to be known as insulin potentiation therapy. Dr. Steven Ayre worked very closely with the Donato Perez Garcia family bringing this wonderfully effective therapy to us here in the US. Insulin Potentiation therapy is centered upon solid science. The majority of people don’t know this but IPT actually precedes conventional chemotherapy. Fermenting cells or cancer has many various needs. Among those needs is that they require a great deal of sugar. They actually require nineteen times more glucose compared to regular cells. Insulin receptors are more abundant with cancer cells versus healthy cells. Anything eaten that is heavy with glucose or sugar is going to be gobbled up first by cancer cells. The conventional mode of medicine actually uses IPT as well. They actually use it as a tool when attempting to diagnose cancer. A PET scan is done to see if there is cancer cell activity in the body. A PET scan injects a radioactive glucose (fluoro deoxyglucose) to measure where uptake occurs. Once they inject the solution, they wait approximately 60 minutes and then a scan is done. The scan will show where there is a quick uptake of sugar which is identified as cancer. IPT is then used as a Trojan horse. No food is consumed the night before or morning of the treatment. They are provided a specific amount of insulin based on particular conditions as well as body weight. The amount of insulin administered is equal to what would be produced from a normal meal. This equates to a very small quantity. The objective is to have the cancer cells open up, not to get someone sick. We want cancer cells to open up as we know they have extra insulin receptors and they will be eating first. This is why this therapy is so effective! And, no one has ever died from the IPT therapy. Unfortunately, that can’t be said for various other treatments being utilized today. People gain better health from this therapy and avoid the awful negative effects of standard chemotherapy.    • Integrative Oncology And Integrative …      / @drthomaslodi  

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