Human Body Frequency Resonance https://drthomaslodi.com Human body frequency exists in all of us. Our bodies are electromagnetic phenomenon! We have electrolytes in our blood, our nerves are functioning, we have electrical impulses and our heart is beating with an electromagnetic pulse. When the heart is functioning properly it is in what’s called a normal sinus rhythm. What that means is an electromagnetic pulse starts at one part of the heart and carries it to another which stimulates the pumping of the blood. If that electrical pattern is somehow altered, then a person will most likely die. What this tells us is that the heart is functional at a specific set of frequencies. Today, more than ever, we are bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies. When electromagnetic frequencies are in a certain pattern they are said to be functional and coherent or harmonic. Conversely, incoherent means those electromagnetic frequencies have different peaks and troughs and are not functional. It’s possible to send in an incoherent message into a wave form and break it up and lose the transmission. We are being constantly being bombarded with all various kinds of electromagnetic magnetic frequencies effecting the human body frequency. These frequencies, such as microwaves, are continually requiring our bodies to compensate to maintain coherence and functionality.

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