How Volume And Frequency Relate To Healthy Eating https://drthomaslodi.com/how-volume-a… How volume and frequency relate to healthy eating, let’s break it down. The problems with eating are volume, frequency, and quality. The first two are more important. Volume and frequency are in order of importance. Eating large amounts of food will stretch out your tight junctions and as a result, you will develop leaky gut and inflamed intestines. An interesting point if you look at thin people, what you will observe is that they don’t eat large amounts of food. They don’t overeat. And in regards to frequency, one only needs to eat once a day at the most. The more amount of time you put in between meals, the healthier you will be. A great snack idea for anyone is ice cubes. As we age, what happens? Our kidneys don’t work as well and that we lose 10% of our nephrons every decade of life. Nephrons are the functional units in the kidneys. Our kidneys, bowels, and lungs don’t work as well as we get older which means that our ability to excrete toxins diminishes. That is on a physiological level. And then, on an intracellular level if we are not getting enough sleep and eating too frequently and too much, will lead to health issues manifesting in the body.    • Food and Cancer   #howvolumeandfrequencyrelatetohealthyeating #healthyeating #drthomaslodi

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